Actress Spotlight: Erin O’Brien

Erin O’Brien is a name that is becoming more familiarized in the acting industry. She is a young, aspiring actress who has been working her way to the top – and fairly quickly. In a recent interview, O’Brien shares about her journey changing from model to actress. Not only will she win you over with her acting skills, but her overall kind and bubbly personality is one that is hard to forget.

“Acting was always something I wanted to do, but it wasn’t until late in high school that I would actually give it a try. I always loved watching movies. Although it seemed like something almost impossible to do, I really wanted to try. I started taking acting classes, then began commuting to New York from my home in New Jersey. I would work as an extra or for free on any projects I could for experience. After a lot of classes and a handful of student films, I eventually booked my first paying gig” says O’Brien.

Erin O'Brien, Actress, portfolio and beauty photography by Py Pai Photo, in downtown Los Angeles Fashion District, Py25 Studio
Erin O’Brien, photography by: Py Pai Photo, in downtown LA Fashion District, Py25 Studio

“There has been a lot of challenges in my career, and I’m sure there will always be challenges, that’s just part of it.”

“I think the biggest challenge in this business is just trying to get your foot in the door and trying to get someone to take a chance on you and give you a job. I feel pretty lucky that I now have a very good group of friends that I’ve been working with, who believe in me, and are willing to trust me enough to put me in their films.”

O’Brien’s most recent film, ‘Fight Valley’, is currently on demand and also can be seen worldwide in a limited theatrical release. In her own words: “I’m very happy I got the chance to work on ‘Fight Valley’. The movie stars three of the top women fighters in the UFC and I feel very grateful to have worked them. The movie is about a young women who is killed in an underground women’s fight club. My character, Duke, happens to be her girlfriend. After her death, her sister comes into town looking for revenge. She is trained to fight by Miesha Tate’s character. I had a really great time working on this film. I also loved that fact that we filmed in my home state of New Jersey” she continues to explain.

“I am beyond grateful to be this busy right now. It’s a blessing.”

Erin O’Brien, photography by: Robert Kazandjian

Current Projects

“I have four films in productions at the moment. I start filming a drama called ‘Only Once More’ this week along side Estella Warren. I play a high-end call girl looking for a better way of life. Right after that, I go back to New Jersey to film a horror movie with an anti-bullying message. I will be co-staring with Tara Reid on this one. Tara’s character bullies my character in high school. My character comes back in the form of Karma to show her the errors of her ways. The film has a great message but it also has a very cool and intense story. As soon as I wrap up that, I go to Philadelphia to work on a movie called ‘Kidney’. It’s a story of a man who has a kidney transplant and begins to have strange visions as a result. Then in November, I start filming ‘Fight Valley 20.”

Erin O’Brien,
“At the moment my life is very full and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I live with my boyfriend and our two dogs. My boyfriend is also an actor and a stunt man. He and I work together a lot – we are a great team. He actually stunt coordinated the movie ‘Fight Valley’. A normal day for us is pretty low key, if we aren’t working. I love to cook, so I cook for us a lot and we love to just lay around and watch Netflix or go to the movies. We also travel a lot. This past year, we traveled to Tokyo, Rome, Egypt and Thailand.”
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