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Remember the Devil Wears Prada!? We do – and the more we see Miranda – KUDOS on the honesty! Seriously, we have to focus on the importance of this while in the workplace and in life. True, women can get caddy and this concept may often appear better in theory than in practice, but the stress free environment it will create at the end will have your skin thanking us!

First, let’s point out the obvious. If a company really wants to evolve and grow, they must open up and accept hearing the truth from employees, even if it’s brutally honest. By creating an atmosphere of honesty it’ll also foster an environment for self-accountability and responsibility (another win!). This practice will also helps stop gossip, the feeling of not having a team mentality, and ultimately, will build trust in the company and confidence in the leadership. After all, teamwork is needed, but only each individual can control whether or not they truly practice it. So do as you preach – and don’t just pretend you practice it! This applies in everyday life as well. The less lies, the less stress to have to cover them.

But what does this have to do with your skin you ask? Well, simple, we all work at least 40 hours a week…and if this stresses you, then your skin is stressed too! Stress plays a major part in the health of our skin. When we get stressed (which happens to the best of us) a hormone called cortisol is released, causing many things to occur in our bodies – accumulating fat for one, as well as make skin dry, oily, wrinkled, and let’s not forget to mention…ACNE!

So what can be done to avoid stress and maintain healthy skin?

Yes, we hear this all the time but it’s because it’s true. If you love what you do, it’s not really work. We stressed honesty above, but that comes with loving your job. We are not going to sit here to say there won’t be stress, but you have control on how much there is of it. So open up, be honest daily and ensure you feel happy at the end of the day. You’ll be stressed sharing the news, but once you get over the hurdle you can breathe.

This one is key as physical activity not only allows you to relax mentally but it also boosts circulation, which battles the effects that Adrenaline can have on the skin…and who doesn’t want healthy, radiant looking skin? Plus, it’ll make bikini season and the holidays be approached confidently.

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Whether you are in LA, NY or always on the go you forget that you have to once in a while SLOW DOWN, take breaks, relax, and try to not take things too seriously. This will allow your mind to enter a state of medidation that will eliminate stress and the effects of it on your skin. You will also be more productive once you are re-energized as you remove the risk of burning out!

This is the #1 factor to make everything else be smooth in a healthy pattern. Sleep is wonderful! Our skin repairs itself from any damage received during the day. Lack of sleep, often caused by deadlines, parties, and not relaxing, puts stress on skin so getting in a routine ensuring a minimum of 7 hours is recommended.

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Hydration, hydration, hydration! Need we say more? We all want that healthy radiant glow and this is the root of the solution. Drink lots of water and you will thank us later!

We can only share our suggestions, but it’s up to you to make the effort to start focusing on a better you. Maybe it means starting one thing at a time – but we cheer you on as you begin a stress free journey with us.

After all, honestly, we too just started everything on the list…we just failed to fit in relaxing and sleeping – #deadlines

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