A Conversation With Miss Michigan USA 2016 – Susie Leica

Miss Michigan USA 2016 - Susie Leica
Miss Michigan USA 2016 – Susie Leica

Susie Leica is a native Michigander, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University. Her passion for helping others led her to become an OR Spine Specialist for a leading orthopedic medical device company. Ranking #1 in national training allowed Susie to become the first female state specialist for one of the most minimally invasive spine surgeries. She is a current fellow at an Innovation Institute working to address healthcare challenges through entrepreneurial approaches.
Susie believes that the circumstance of one’s childhood does not have to define who the person becomes. She is determined to be a role model for young girls experiencing hardship. She describes herself as vivacious and dedicated.

How has your involvement in Miss USA benefited you in your personal and professional life?
I think that time management and setting goals are the two biggest things I have been able to gain. To reach all of my goals I really had to manage my time well. I learned that when you set a goal, you have to do something towards that goal every single day. For example, I had to make sure I made the most of every moment so I used the time I spent walking my dogs to practice my runway walk. I am sure that my neighbors thought I was crazy, but all of the work paid off.

You do a lot of charity work, what has been your most rewarding philanthropic endeavor to date?
Working with girls and boys who have had to overcome any type of obstacle in their lives. To show them that it doesn’t matter what your background is or what happens in your life. If you set a goal and truly set your mind on something you can achieve it. You can achieve anything and I am an example of that. So many people are afraid of rejection so it keeps them from trying. The key is to remember that every rejection is going to open the door to something new. Let it fuel you and prove people wrong.


What are some of your favorite fashion trends or looks?
I am such a big hat-wearer. Even at Miss USA I was one of the only candidates consistently wearing a hat. I love all different types of hats. I don’t know if that’s particularly a trend, but I LOVE hats. I think fashion really shows who you are, so I like to take risks and be bold. Sometimes I think women forget to accessorize. Accessories can take an outfit from 0 to 100. It just makes such a powerful statement when you enter a room.


What tips or tricks do you have for fitting a workout into your busy schedule
Drink lots of water. I drink 3 liters of water a day and it absolutely changed my life. Whether it’s my skin, hair or having more energy you can really see a change in just 2 or 3 days.

Also, find what speaks to you – whether it is the gym, outdoors or taking your dog on a run. If you enjoy your workout, you’re more likely to stick to it.

I’m an avid reformer Pilates girl. If you’ve had a long day of work it’s a great workout that won’t kill you. Resistance bands are my best friend. I carry them in my purse and perform strength training anywhere I go. I even tie them around my ankles when I’m at home. Walking up and down the stairs has never been so tough!


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