A Brand: The Flipside

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What is a brand? I ask myself everyday, and owning my own line reminds me not to lose focus on what “it” is. Let’s not get into that right now, this isn’t about my brand. What this is about, is you, the reader.

What exactly is a brand, is it a name? Is it a style? Is it something that your favorite artist wears? Why do you wear what you wear? A brand should only be one thing; that one thing inside of you. I feel large companies lose that sense of direction on why they even started in the first place. As a business owner in the fashion industry I try and create every day, and every single shirt or hat I create always inspires me to bring out the brand that’s inside us all.

A brand is a feeling. A brand isn’t a name, it’s not a look, it’s not a status, it’s not a Dollar amount, it’s you. Large companies lose focus on the passion and creating part of things, they focus on the Dollar and not the person. As soon as they focus on that, they end up on the clearance rack at tj.maxx, that’s where companies end up.

I feel it’s extremely important to bring out that feeling in every item I produce within my own line, a feeling of being unique, a feeling of being unstoppable like the Hulk.  

Find that feeling, and you have found yourself.

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