Don’t Overdo It: How to Class Up Your Wardrobe

There’s an extremely fine line between being sexy and trashy. Not to be rude, but we all know that an outfit can easily go over the top if not planned out well. We have to admit, it’s natural for women to showcase what they got from their mommas. However, the difference is in how they do it. You don’t have to wear 8 inch heels to grab attention or be considered attractive. In fact, sex appeal is narrowed down to good tastes, class and the way you hold yourself. On the other hand, you shouldn’t dress as if you picked up the first stained t-shirt in your closet and a pair of sloppy jeans.

In the end, how do you know when it’s too much? And, more importantly, how do you master the perfect combo of being sexy with class?

Play with Your Strengths

The key to finding the right pieces for your sexy #ootd is playing with your strengths. If you’re shorter than average, you might want to consider a pair of heels with your dress. If you have a gorgeous waistline, do what you can to highlight it. Embrace each and every curve you have and choose clothing that will flatter your forms.

Play with your strengths

If you want to go for daring pieces or alluring materials, try to neutralize them in one way or another. For instance, if you have rather a revealing dress on, you might want to consider a loose blazer to maintain the refinement of your attire. If you’ve got long and lovely legs, don’t be afraid to show them off, but also try to keep things decent with the rest of your outfit.

Shoes and Jewels Explained

A fundamental question for women all around the world was, is and forever will be: What shoes should I wear? If you’re getting ready for a romantic date, you might not want to grab those worn and torn Converse skate shoes you’ve been holding onto since high school. However, you should binge on the first stripper shoes you see, either. When it comes to choosing sexy shoes, you should always seek a chic balance. Sure, go for some hot heels, but choose a pair that will be comfortable and stylish at the same time.


As for accessories, we all know how easily they can lead to fashion nightmares. Balance, yet again, makes its mark when it comes to jewelry. If you’re wearing a plain-cut dress in a solid color, you can have fun with a statement necklace or some other bold jewelry. If you want to go for an all-sequin piece, you might want to consider leaving accessories to the side altogether. Moreover, you don’t have to wear earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces all at once. Quite the contrary, actually. Instead of going all-out on bling, choose a pair of earrings or a necklace that you’ll feel fabulous in all night.

Always, Always, Always Contextualize

We really can’t stress enough how important it is to put your outfit into context. If you’re going to a black tie event, try to avoid being underdressed or overdressed at all times. In other words, stay far away from tasteless miniskirts, but also shield yourself from casual pieces. To put it in a nutshell, it all comes down to the who?, what?, when? and where?. To help you get a better idea about contextualizing, let’s go back to our date example.

Who? – How do you think your date will be dressing? Never go against your style, but try to balance out your outfits so you don’t show up in an evening gown while your date is in Jordans.

What? – Obviously, you’re on a date. You want to make a good impression, so of course you’ll go for something a bit edgy. But, please, don’t fall prey to an overgenerous cleavage or heels that will kill your ankles by the end of the night (and make you inches taller than your date).

When? – Even if you’re traveling by car, always try to dress appropriately for the time. If it’s warm outside, go ahead and wear that cute summer dress you’ve been longing to twirl around in. However, if it’s in the middle of winter, don’t freeze to death for the sake of so-called fashion.

Where? – Are you meeting up at a fancy restaurant? The movies? A picnic? Here’s exactly what putting your outfit into context means.

Never Underestimate the Power of the LBD

If you’re half an hour away from leaving the house and you still can’t find the perfect piece for sexy and classy all in 1, you can always count on the LBD. Yep, the little black dress is a must for your closet and can save you in the blink of an eye. This fashion staple is so classy on its own that you don’t even need to accessorize. Just put on your favorite pair of heels and enjoy that timeless sex appeal.



The #1 Rule

Attitude is everything.

Woman with attitude

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