Elevated Streetwear, KONUS Brand, Presents at FWLA

FWLA presented two days of shows at the elaborate Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.  KONUS Brand was a stand out line representing itself as “elevated streetwear” on the runway.  The CEO’s of the brand, Jenny and Billy Kang, along with KONUS designer, Dax Hall, took some time on the red carpet to give The L.A. Fashion some insight on their newest collection.  Make sure to check out the gallery of the complete collection right after the interview below (photography by Konus Brand).


What was the inspiration for this collection?

Dax:  The collection is called “Dystopia”, and I liked mixing modern silhouettes and modern fabrics with vintage and deconstructed looks to get a good juxtaposition.  Right now, I feel streetwear comes from two opposite ends of the spectrum. I wanted to find a comfortable medium between two extremes so that they offset each other and still juxtapose each other at the same time.

As CEO’s, how involved are you with the creation of each collection?

Kangs:  We step in a little, but not too much.  We don’t want our designer to lose his inspiration, so we support him.  If we see something that we like for inspiration, we’ll share it with him and allow him to interpret that inspiration with his own creativity.

What does Konus have to offer as an “elevated streetwear” brand?

Dax: For one, Quality, and for two, Konus offers a different perspective on what a lot of other brands are trying to do.  Konus is more of a user friendly brand.  We are trying to present a complete lifestyle that has components that can be incorporated into higher end fashion.  We feel you could mix a Givenchy jacket with a Konus shirt, or Comme des Garcon shoes with Konus jeans.

Tell us how you think Konus relates to L.A. culture.

Dax:  It’s definitely a West Coast vibe.  I’m from the Bay area, but I moved to L.A. when I was 17.  Konus is West Coast streetwear.  I like using fabric prints like plaids and terry cloths, which are really popular here.  L.A. is all about knowing how to dress it up and dress it down, which is something you can definitely do with Konus.

What is Konus’ plans to expand into the US market?

Kangs:  We are planning to open our flagship store in Los Angeles real soon.  We’re aiming for a La Brea or Fairfax location.  The Konus brand presence is pretty big in Asian markets like Japan, Korea, and China, so our goal this year is to continue to expand and crossover to the U.S.

How does Konus set itself apart from competitors?

Kangs:  We have so many, but we feel the age groups of our competitors are different.  We focus on making our brand elevated through minimal designs and elevated style to last longer.  We want to bring the Konus brand’s customers style to the next level.

As a designer, what are you looking to achieve with the future of Konus?

Dax:  I want to maintain quality and communication through our clothing based on what’s going on around the world in a social aspect.  I follow a lot of current events on what’s happening in regards to functional and dysfunctional societies and building a bridge between the two.

Follow Konus on all social media platforms: @KonusBrand

Photo by: Rahn G. Porter
Photo by: Rahn G. Porter
Joshua J. Pinkay

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Joshua J. Pinkay is originally from New Orleans, LA and made the transition to Los Angeles back in 2010. He completed his studies in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Art Institute of CA - Hollywood, earning his degree in 2012. His professional background ranges from public relations, apparel & footwear brand management, fashion show production, and content writing. Joshua has a knack for analyzing trends on the runway and delivering a message to an audience. He understands the mentality necessary for a designer to create an entire collection. Joshua uses his pr & marketing skill-set to create quality content that any reader can understand. Make sure to follow him on InstaGram at: @jPin03

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