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LA Fashion Week: Kōcō Blāq

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Last night at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood, Kōcō Blāq presented his Spring/Summer 2017 Collection titled “Paradise Moana” for the Art Hearts Fashion platform. Kōcō Blāq pulls inspiration from the seven islands of the Polynesia Triangle where he calls home. This line pays homage to his culture while “radiating love” and “narrating the lifestyle of people.” The focal point of his brand is the convergence of island elements with modern fashion.

As I attended the show last night, I met Kōcō Blāq and asked him about the collection. He said this collection brought the audience “a taste of home” to them. As I could see with all the exotic prints, flowers, and tropical bright colors. The collection, Paradise Moana was pulled from his current inspiration, “it’s never fall in paradise.”

The show started off with three models doing Polynesian-style dancing on the runway to traditional Polynesian music. As the show went on the music and the outfits became more modern with a tropical twist. This collection brought to life the Polynesian culture and made me feel as if I’m in paradise.

credit: © 2016 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

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