5 Tips to Celebrate Your Engagement in Style

It is something else to be engaged to be married soon. It is a time of bliss and hope. While some couples choose not to have an engagement party, many do. Your engagement party is the start of the biggest party of your life. Luxury is a choice, and if that is what you see, here are some lively tips to add more glamour to your engagement party!


  • Start with High-End Details

The most important thing to know about incorporating luxury into the proceedings is by giving in to high-end details. Now that you have got yourself one of the most stunning diamond rings to add some sparkle to your dream proposal. It does not have to be expensive if you can keep the guest count low. But take one small thing and elevate it.

Things like choosing beautifully crafted desserts with edible glitter or an expensive wine for your guests, or maybe cheese and wine pairing, think bling in detail, and it will quickly add a dash of glamour to the event.


  • Go for a Decadent Menu

If luxury is on your mind, then choose a high-end menu for you and your guests to enjoy. An engagement party with close friends where you get to let your hair down and eat a rich meal is a lovely idea. You can choose multi-course meals with beautiful details that make it all the more special.

Choose items that people only get to eat on special occasions—Prime Rib or lobster. Think about your favorite indulgences, like decadent chocolate cake with raspberries or champagne and oysters. 


  • Go Laid Back!

Just because you want to up the glamour does not mean that you can’t be laid back. If you’re going to keep it small yet have a luxurious party, how about a luxe movie night with friends? You can get up a projector outside and as the guests to bring pillows and blankets, or you can provide them yourself.

Luxuriously decorate the space with beautiful details that catch the eye and make sure each guest has individual servings of pizzas, wine, or even champagne so that everyone can sit back and enjoy.

This makes a lot of sense for couples who are stressed because of all the wedding planning and just want time out to have a party with close friends they love!


  • Plan Around a Theme

This is a good idea if you want to add luxury to the engagement party. What about a theme? It can be anything you want. For example, you can choose a Moroccan theme and only have food and décor that are Moroccan. Or you can select a Disney theme and choose only fun foods and décor that remind people of Disney characters.


  • Have a Day at the Beach

If you live near the ocean, having your engagment party on the beach is a lovely idea! You can plan to bring some wine and cheese or other luxury food to share with loved ones. Think of the beautiful backdrop for the photos and how much fun everyone will have at the beach. Throwing a party on the beach is the best way to do luxury on a budget. 


Your engagement party can be fun and luxurious. You may still have many questions. Cut down on your guest list, and you will be able to have a more high-end party that does not hurt your pocketbook. You will enjoy it a lot more and so will your guests. After all, the wedding day is coming up, and you need to get in the mood for the most memorable moments of your life!


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