4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Chain for A Sterling Silver Pendant

sterling silver pendants
One of the most effective ways of refreshing how one looks is to simply change the jewelry that one normally uses. If you haven’t tried accessorizing with sterling silver jewelry, you should. This is because silver jewelry can go with almost any outfit, is perfect for almost any occasion, and when compared to other jewelry options, is relatively affordable. All of these things make it easy to experiment with.

One of the most important choices you will have to make when it comes to your silver jewelry will have to do with the choice of chain. This is because choosing a chain will determine not only how you will look, but also the durability and functionality of the chain. The following are the main things that you should consider when deciding which chains to choose for your sterling silver pendants.

The Weight Of the Pendant
The first reason why you should consider the weight of the pendant when choosing the chain is that you have to choose a chain that is able to handle the weight. If the chain is too weak for the pendant, then the chain will wear out faster than expected. It can even break. You will then have to grapple with the cost of these premature repairs. The blemishes that come from these repairs can also compromise the look and feel of your jewelry. This makes choosing a chain that comfortably handles the weight of pendant, very important.

The second reason why this is important has to do with your comfort. If the pendant is relatively heavy, then you have to choose a chain that is wider. A wider chain will help to distribute that weight over a larger surface area. Therefore, the chain won’t have to dig as deep into your skin as it would otherwise have.

The Size Of The Pendant
A pendant can be light in weight, but still, be larger in size. Small-sized silver pendants can also be compact and heavy.

The size of the pendant matters because it will determine whether the chain will look symmetrical. Generally, has to be a balance between the size of the pendant and the width of the chain. Some pendants look great with thin chains, while others look great with thicker chains. Also, some look good when paired with shorter chains, and while some are perfect for use with longer chains. It all depends on how the pendant is shaped, and how well it blends with the chain that you choose. When considering its size, just make sure that the pairing isn’t awkward.

The Bail Width

The width of the bail will restrict your options as far as chains go. This is because you have to make sure that the chain can go through it. No matter how beautiful or fitting a chain is, if it is thicker than the size of the bail, you won’t be able to use it.

However, it is important to note that choosing a chain whose width is smaller than the width of the bail is not enough. This is because choosing a chain that is too thin can sometimes make for an awkward fit. If the bail width is too wide for the chain, the pendant might hang onto the chain awkwardly, and this will definitely affect the overall appearance of the chain. The best thing is to ensure that the width of the bail and the chain are as close as they can possibly get.

Chain Color
When it comes to chains for sterling silver pendants, you can never go wrong with choosing a sterling silver chain. However, you can experiment with other colors. You can choose to go with oxidized silver, yellow, rose, or rhodium. It will all depend on the look that you are trying to pull off. Therefore, when doing so, make sure that you also consider the color of your outfits and how well the chain will blend in with their overall look and feel.


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