Why Domeni Company Stands Apart from Every Other Watch Co.

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit” -Ian Fleming

A timepiece tells so much more than time. Your personal style, preferences-are you modern or classic?-and that you show a commitment to your time are all functions of that small ticker on your wrist. While top brands like Cartier and Rolex produce impossibly expensive watches they also seem stuck in producing watches for a certain age range that stick to that specific style. This allows newer brands to emerge in the watch space that are more connected to younger demographics, while also offering pieces for older age ranges, and also offering more affordable versions of watches that are interchangeable to match your constantly evolving style.

The timepiece brand to watch is Domeni Company, which merges practicality with beauty, classic style with a modern twist, and passion from its founder and creator, Dominick Cullari. With an eye for exquisite detail, a perfect price point and with the use of 3-D printing technology, Domeni Company was born, with the first collection named the ‘Signature Series’, with watches for both men and women. LAFM sat down with Domeni Watches to learn all about how this exclusive, beautiful and modern timepieces stand out from the rest! Check it out below!

LAFM: Dominick, can you tell us how you got into designing and creating luxury watches? What inspired you to develop high quality timepieces at a price point that’s practically unheard of in the fine watch game?

Dominck Cullari: Getting into watches specifically sort of happened by chance – subconsciously I guess you could say. As the story goes — my father gave me a zenith watch, which was given to him by my grandfather. I come from a family of Italian immigrants, and this gift was sort of a token saying “Hey, we did it.” That was my first introduction to watches.

While I was in design school, I found myself doodling watches when I wasn’t preoccupied by other project, I’ve kind of come full circle at this point.



LAFM:  I love that your products can be genderless, can you speak to what goes into your design process in designing each watch?

Dominick Cullari: My initial design was indeed genderless. At the time I was really enjoying the look of a larger watch on a female wrist, similar to the trend of boyfriend jeans, but of course I also wanted to design something that I could wear myself. At the time I didn’t have the money to sample more than one style watch, so this was one of the constraints that helped me design a unisex watch.

As time went on, I found myself drawn to more feminine designs. I’ve been looking back to early watch design from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and trying to reimagine these vintage silhouettes with a more modern take.

A huge part of the process was working closely with my girlfriend, now fiancé-I would design specifically to her style, she was involved in the entire process as well. Being an interior designer, she’s able to offer a very valuable opinion on material, color, and texture, and it’s great to have that directly from a professional designer’s perspective as well as a female’s perspective.

LAFM: Dominick, why was it important to you and for the Domeni Company brand to bridge the gap between ‘lifestyle and luxury’ in your products?

Dominick Cullari: When I was a college student and studying design specifically, I found myself drawn to well designed, and usually very expensive products, but not being able to afford these things. This led me to the idea that if I could create well designed products for a reasonable price, we would be very successful.

LAFM: You certainly have designed some beautiful products! And now that you’ve mastered fine watches, so what can we expect for the future of the Domeni Company, is fine jewelry pieces on the horizon?

Dominick: For now, we will continue working on watches. It’s a very competitive market currently, especially at our price point. Its fun working on new designs and strategies that will break through the mundane designs that are currently in the “fashion watch” space.
Jewelry is currently on our radar and something we are working on. It’s about putting together a small collection that will complement our watch range!


“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches” -Clive Owen

What better way to #telltime while also remaining fashionable than with the beautiful selection Domeni Company has available?! We’ve picked some of our favorite looks and linked them so you can get started on your holiday shopping ASAP! Check it out below!

For Women:

Sleek and stylish, we love the  ‘Micro Signature Milanese Mesh’ with a Mother of Pearl face in silver-it goes with everything! And for $159 it can be yours, here!


This Black and Rose Gold Watch with a Mother of Pearl face is so chic we need one for ourselves and every lady on on shopping list! Pre-Order yours for $155 here!


The Rose Gold Milanese Mesh with the ‘Stardust’ face is soooo chic and totally for the #BossBabe. Whether that’s you or the perfect accessory for a gal you know, you can pre-order it here!


For Men:

Why pay insane prices when you can get the elegant and classic ‘Gold Signature Series’ with the Navy Dial at Domeni Company?! We knew you’d love it as much as we do!  Grab yours here!


Always a classic, whether you’re shopping for your partner or the father figure in your life, the ‘Silver Signature Series’ in Milanese Mesh is a guaranteed hit! For $200, get yours now, here!


For the super stylish with a touch of mystery guy in your life, the Black Signature Series in Milanese Mesh is available for pre-order,  here!



To view more of the stunning collection of watches, check out their site here! #LAFMApproved

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