Learn Why this Brand is Using Crab and Shrimp Shells to Make Odor Fighting Athletic Clothing.

When we first heard that Strongbody Apparel was using crustacean shells to make athletic clothing, we couldn’t believe it. Even stranger? It actually makes their activewear better: eco-friendly, odor resistant and more durable.

Having used this technology since 2012, Strongbody Apparel has been on a mission to become the authority in merging performance technology with sustainability— a mission that seems to be succeeding. Available in luxury health clubs like Equinox, as well as online, Strongbody Apparel has gained a cult following for its products, which are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

Curious to see what all the buzz was about, we contacted Strongbody to find out more about their luxe eco-friendly athletic clothing. They filled us in on all the problems with the activewear market today, and how Strongbody Apparel is trying to solve them.

The problem with athletic clothing:

Ghost Stink

Activewear is usually made from polyester, a fabric which is lightweight and durable, but has a tendency to hold on to stink. Most companies use toxic finishes or metals to combat this, but these treatments wear off after a few washes and can end up back in the water system.

Environmental and Social Impact

In addition to odor-fighting treatments that only last a few washes, most athletic clothing is made using cheap off-shore manufacturing. Those products are designed to fall apart after a few wears, forcing you to throw barely worn gear into the landfill and buy new athletic clothing.

in order to offset the cost of shipping, athletic wear companies produce in countries with poor labour laws and pay their production workers far below a living wage.

The Strongbody Solution: Enter Nanotechnology from the ocean

Strongbody has solved the exercise to stench equation using a new, eco-friendly technology harnessed from crab and shrimp shells. Yep, you heard that right — the technology is called Nanoelite+ and it kills the odd causing bacteria that causes your gear to stink. Combined with ethical Canadian manufacturing and high quality materials, Strongbody makes products that are designed to be perform better for and do better.

Strongbody Apparel borrowed their NanoElite+ technology from the military, who developed it for bandages. The magic ingredient, chitin, is collected by recycling crustacean shells that were headed for the landfill. It is then integrated into the fabric, making it stronger and more durable, while also giving the fabric anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This natural, non-toxic finish is EPA-approved and permanent, remaining 99% effective after 100 washes. With up to 700 crustacean shells used in each piece of Strongbody’s athletic clothing, they are helping to clean up the worlds oceans by reducing surface pollution (a by-product of the fishing industry), while making gear you can sweat in stress free.

The result? No more ghost stink hanging on to your athletic clothing even after it’s been washed.

Along with their NanoElite+ technology, Strongbody Apparel manufactures in Vancouver, Canada, the activewear capital of the world. By manufacturing locally, Strongbody Apparel can ensure that all of their products are manufactured to the highest standards, and that all of their production workers are paid an ethical wage and work in a safe factory.

This also prevents all of those carbon emissions that are created by shipping products to and from distant factories.

“Our vision is to create a better product, a better way,” says CEO Meghan Conyers. “Everyone is busy, everyone has other stuff on their minds. So we worried about these ethical issues so that you don’t have to.”

Scrolling through Strongbody Apparel’s website, it was nice to see garments that are actually wearable. Their men’s workout clothing looks, dare I say, tailored? Stuff that I can actually imagine wearing out in public after a workout. I especially liked their best-selling Pulse Series, which features a stylish mesh ventilation strip down the back.

All in all, I can’t wait to take a deeper dive through Strongbody’s products. Great looking athletic clothing, made in Canada, by an eco-friendly company? Sign me up!

Strongbody Apparel is a Vancouver brand that specializes in premium performance activewear and odor fighting athletic clothing. Their clothing is available online at www.strongbodyapparel.com as well as in over 100 retail locations, including Equinox health clubs.

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