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It’s been over decade since we heard the poignant delivery from Tyra Banks, “Kiss my fat ass!” And she wasn’t wrong. Why people find it appropriate to body shame is usually because they still need to work on their own happiness, but that doesn’t change us wanting to borrow the words of Jennifer Lawrence and say, “You can go fuck Yourself.”

But body shaming isn’t something new, it just continues because we have allowed it to affect us by feeding our insecurities. That is why I bring the question of, does size really matter? As we push forward in our Summer Body Issue we focus on all beauty.

Sophia Loren once said that ‘sex appeal’ is half what you’ve got and half what people ‘think’ you’ve got and that couldn’t be truer. And whether you are going to admit it today or not, you’ve had times where you saw yourself in the mirror and wished that you had that ‘perfect’ body to feel sexy; I know I have. That’s why I wonder about confidence. Research has proven that men and women find confidence attractive – so are we missing confidence? After-all, what does a ‘perfect’ body even look like? Is it a 2? 4? 10? Who decided what perfect is? Because, Marilyn Monroe is one of the sexiest women in history, and she was a 10; so, it all comes back to confidence. But even the most confident woman has days where cellulite appears and gets her down.  And if she did not see it, it definitely will catch someone’s attention that will find it appropriate to pick her body apart. That is why we need to step in to say that the size of your body is no one’s business but your own; but confidence is everything – Just wish someone told me this each day growing up.

I have spent years trying to get my perfect body, but after doing everything I can, I still don’t have a six pack. That’s why I must turn to Demi Lovato and agree “maybe I don’t want a six-pack. It doesn’t [even] sound very appealing.” So, what’s a girl to do?

It’s simple. Stop seeing your size as a nuisance or hindrance. Love yourself and remember that beauty does come from the inside and that starts with you. If you begin to see yourself as beautiful, others will start to see you that way too.

Remember this, the best way to fight back against body shaming is to demonstrate grace and badass self-confidence. This will shut down the haters, and that there, is ‘Perfect.’

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