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We’re all looking to achieve that radiant, healthy glow. But with so many products and treatments available, it can be difficult navigating the world of skincare and knowing what is truly the right treatment or regimen for you and your skin concerns. SKIN WAX LASH, located in Newport Beach is your destination. Owned & Operated by Echo Johnson, a total Boss Babe, fell in love with skincare during her extensive 13 year modeling career. LAFM sat down with Echo to hear about her unique approach to skincare and how WE all can implement a skincare regimen that will leave each and every one of us with healthy, happy, radiant skin.

LAFM: Echo, you started Skin Wax Lash in 2013 and it has grown steadily since then, can you tell LAFM how you got your start in skincare?

SkinWaxLash: I was exposed to the world of skincare during my 13 year modeling career. My vision was always to be in SoCal practicing Corrective Skincare, and I didn’t know when or how I was going to do that as I was living in Austin, TX. In 2012 life happened and I relocated to Newport Beach with my 1.5 year old daughter and her father.  I immediately enrolled in The Skin Care Institute @ Paul Mitchell in Costa Mesa, worked for a doctor in the Medspa for 3 years and in January relocated to my own private Skin Care Studio located in the heart of Newport Beach on PCH. It’s been very exciting.


LAFM: What are the type of treatments offered by Skin Wax Lash?

SkinWaxLash: I specialize in Corrective Skincare, with emphasis on Anti- Aging, Sun Damage, Collagen Induction Therapy, Total Facial Rejuvenation addressing the tone and texture of your skin, all with little to no downtime. My services consist of Micro-Needling by Dermatude, Chemical Peels by LIRA Clinical, Dermasweep, Microcurrent, LED Lighting and Acne Treatments. Additionally I offer waxing, with emphasis on Brows & Brazillians. And last but not least Luxury Mink Lashes.


LAFM: What should a customer expect from a treatment they receive at your facility?

SkinWaxLash: Results driven treatments. Every treatment is customized to address the clients skincare goals, and needs. A initial 15 minute consult is performed and then we go into the treatment I’ve decided is best for that particular client. A big part of the client experience is also educating them on skincare, product and ingredient knowledge and providing a skincare regimen they can easily and affordably follow.



LAFM: What is the ideal skin care regimen? And why is a daily skin care regime so important?

SkinWaxLash: The ideal skin care regimen consists of 4 easy steps – and applies to every skin type.  1st – Cleanse with either an Enzyme or AHA wash. 2nd. Vitamin C serum. 3rd. Hydration. 4th SPF!!

LAFM: How does Skin Wax Lash stand out from other competitors on the market?

SkinWaxLash: I stand out for a lot of reasons. Typically you would find the type of services/treatments I’m providing in a MedSpa or Plastic Surgeons Office, and in those settings you will typically leave with some downtime. My Corrective Skincare Treatments are all little to no downtime with the exception of an aggressive Chemical Peel. Additionally I work with a clinical skincare line, that is very different than most out there. LIRA Clinical is an innovative & results driven skincare line. A phytonutrient rich skincare line that is devoid of harsh chemical derivatives and consistently delivers healing & brightening agents, powerhouse age defying peptides, super anti-oxidants and healing minerals. People are very conscious of what they put into their body these days and more than every are really paying attention to what they also put on their body, ie: your skin! Lira Clinical delivers, and every single one of my clients is hooked on the product line. Every client I work with achieves the goal of, healthy, glowing, youthful looking skin. Clients also will find my website to very informative, educational, and easy to navigate. All appointments can be directly booked online

And last but not least, I’m a single mom, raising a strong daughter and growing my small business all at the same time. It’s a juggling act, but I LOVE IT!

LAFM: And finally, what’s next for Skin Wax Lash? What does the future hold for the company?!

SkinWaxLash: As far as the future holds, my focus is on growing my clientele base, while educating everyone on the importance and benefits of a proper Skin Care Regimen. I will also be creating a blog on my website offering both educational articles as well as exclusive giveaways and invites to special events. And I am extremely focused on creating a huge presence on Instagram that will showcase not only my skill set but my passion for skincare. I want to help everyone achieve the goal of flawless, youthful, radiant skin, both men, and women!

For more information on Skin Wax Lash, check out their Facebook and Instagram, @skinwaxlashbyecho, we know we will!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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