CO2Lift: Take your skin from blah to brilliant!

Ever wondered how some people’s skin goes from blahhh to brilliant? Always hoped for glowing skin but never quite knew the daily skin regimen to get there? Well, look no further than Lumisque’s newest product, the CO2Lift masks that can literally bring your skin to life with it’s delivery system of carbon dioxide, charging the body to bring oxygen to the skin! Madonna’s famously expensive ‘oxygen facials’ can now be yours from a brand you can trust and a price you can afford!

LAFM: Lana (Kerr, founder of Lumisque) Can you tell me about how you got involved in skincare in general?  

Lumisque: I have been the health and wellness business for over 15 years and once owned a day spa in Fort Lauderdale, it was the spa that got me more interested in skin care. I became increasingly  frustrated that most products could not deliver the results that were promised on the labels. So I wanted to make a change.

LAFM: What’s the importance of a face mask lift?

Lumisque: CO2Lift face mask increases the hydration levels in your skin that decrease during the aging process. There’s a saying, you don’t get old…you dry up.  Our CO2Lift gel mask dramatically increases hydration after the first application, and with continued monthly use, increases the skins ability to maintain moisture. In addition, a clinical study has shown that CO2Lift, which is a medical grade product, increases cell turnover which helps skin look and feel more youthful!

LAFM: How does it work and how often should it be used?

Lumisque: CO2Lift delivers carbon dioxide to the skin which triggers the body to rush oxygen to the area. Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and stimulates collagen production. Customers are amazed by their glowing dewy skin after an easy one hour application that they can do at home.  The recommended use depends on the age of the user. For people over 35, we recommend a series of one mask weekly for three weeks and then once a month for maintenance. For younger skin, a once-a-month treatment is all that is needed. We recommend at least two CO2Lift treatments per month, for people like performers who wear heavy makeup and work under brights lights that wreak havoc on their skin every day.

LAFM: How does the CO2Lift by Lumisque stand out against it’s competitors on the market?  

Lumisque: Well, there are other products that claim to bring Carbon dioxide to the skin, but then again in what quantity and for how long a duration. Our CO2Lift mask is clinically proven to deliver CO2 to the application area, as if the CO2 was delivered with a needle. Expressed another way, you can get to China on a boat or a jet…Clinical studies have proven, CO2Lift is a jet.

LAFM: What are the benefits you’ll find with this product that you won’t find elsewhere?

Lumisque: There are so many products that claim to help slow down or reverse aging.  The Carboxytherapy technology in CO2Lift, is a proven way to hydrate the skin without pain and in just one hour. The skin maintains the hydration for up to three weeks and each application builds on the hydration achieved from previous treatments. At just $85.00 per mask or $59.95 for members of our monthly autoship program, we believe there is nothing on the market comparable.

LAFM: How was the CO2Lift developed?

Lumisque: Our super hydrating gel mask was developed in Japan to speed up wound healing and for treating burns.  The aesthetic benefits quickly became clear because of the incredible hydrating effect it had on the skin. CO2Lift  is much more than a face mask…it  is the delivery system for carbon dioxide which stimulates the body to deliver oxygen to the skin.

LAFM: Was there a general discontent you saw in the skincare industry with other face mask products?

Lumisque: Anytime a product does not deliver on its promises it creates discontent. We have have received so many calls and messages from people who were scepticle about CO2Lift’s promises, but are now dedicated customers and members of our monthly autoship program.

LAFM: Can you tell me what an ideal daily skin care regime is?

Lumisque: The single most important part in anyone’s daily skin regimen is to properly cleanse the skin. No one should ever go to bed without removing their makeup and washing their face  to remove bacteria that can clog pores.  Next I recommend using some type of serum like hyaluronic or Vitamin C followed by sunblock in the day and moisturizer at night. We are releasing a CO2Lift Beauty Cleanser which uses same principle as our mask to deep clean the skin using carbon dioxide. In March, we will round out our line with an extremely high quality CO2 moisturizer that repairs, brightens and hydrates the skin using carboxy therapy like our CO2Lift gel mask.

Before and After use with the new CO2Lift by Lumisque

LAFM: What do people need to know about using your products, but also about keeping their skin healthy?

Lumisque: We use cutting edge technology that is effective, and safe to provide a complete regimen for skin health.

LAFM: And lastly, what is the future of CO2Lift & Lumisque, do you see yourself opening new locations in other cities, expanding products, etc?  

Lumisque: Most definitely we will be introducing a full line of carboxy therapy products. We will continue to bring cutting edge technology to the market.  Superior products that will continue to help us stay looking and feeling younger!


All of us here at LAFM can say that we’re absolutely on board for an product that is affordable yet effective. Glowing new skin that may very well take 10 years off for only $85.00 (unless you’re enrolled in the monthly autoship program, that brings it down to only $59.95), we’re on board!!




River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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