As the end of another year nears, we begin to reflect on all the memories created. Some may have brought smiles, others, tears, and  unfortunately, in some instances perhaps it was losses… nonetheless, as we sit back and reflect on each passing moment we can’t help but think back on everything…

…This season is no different to us. As we begin to look back at all we have accomplished through 2017, we smile at the progress – one that has only been possible thanks to your support. This doesn’t mean we didn’t have hiccups. Trust me, we did – but it was due to those bumps on the road that helped mold us to a better tomorrow.

Therefore, as we look back, we can unmistakingtly note that this issue is dedicated to YOU; as we begin to unleash what we call our “LA” resolution, we resolve to continue to commit ourselves to YOU, our reader.

For that reason, our next issues in 2018 forward, will promise to bring you travel and experiences, art through music and inspiration, fashion through design, and lots of innovation to continue to move you. But most importantly, we promise to bring you edgy conversation starting issue releases that promise to deliver content that is unmistakingly stimulating. Issues that will  fulfill any hunger, big or small, but leave you always welcoming for more.

So, grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa, go wild and add a few extra marshmallows, and help us bring in the new year.

See you in 2018.

As part of “My LA Resolution” Issue, I hoped to share a piece of the next stage in an ever-evolving magazine; a magazine’s whose leadership has fostered a purposeful, determined, and unwavering commitment to providing interesting, engaging, and actionable content. Some might call this unswerving, unwavering, unfaltering, unhesitating, unshakable, and indefatigable mindset … resolute.

And so, to that end, we resolve –

To be edgy, without offending; To be humorous, without bullying; To question beliefs, without sacrificing core values; To initiate conversations, without arguing; To share perspective, without judgment; To celebrate the individual, without abandoning our communities.

Continue to be our partner as we explore 2018 together.

– Philip Righter, Special Projects

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