She could be walking down the runway, or on the red carpet turning her head towards the cameras, or illustrating the key points of a business presentation; the effect on her audience is the same. The hair radiates a glow, and there is a noticeable shimmer when the light hits it. Her skin is clear and feels smooth to the touch. Her lips seem artfully painted, seductive, and as if they would taste like perfectly ripened pieces of fruit. The cosmetics are her paintbrushes, and the painting that emerges reveals her independence and beauty.
These are the effects that the right beauty products can produce: the same that Kristen Stewart had in Cannes this past May when onlookers and cameras were entranced with the platinum blonde buzz cut she exhibited-a look pulled off with ECRU New York’s Silk Nectar Serum and Acacia Protein Oil. The thing about it is this: Ecru New York’s products aren’t just for professionals in the beauty industry, although this is what they have been most known for in previous years. When you use their carefully crafted products, you’re treating yourself to the same high end products trusted to create breathtaking runway looks for designers or accentuate the natural allure of a beautiful celebrity.
During NYFW, ECRU New York did just this, and the resulting imagery was captivating. The looks were delightfully current, interspersed with hints of a rock n’ roll influence, yet elegant in their execution. To get a deeper insight into this, as well as their company’s offering to the beauty customer, and their plans for the upcoming LA Fashion Week, we were fortunate enough to speak with the lead makeup artist for Ecru New York Beauty: Samantha Agostino. Please enjoy the QNA below.
Q) What was your overall source of inspiration for NYFW? 
A) We pull inspiration from the designers ultimate vision. For the Flying Solo collections, our inspiration was a modern twist on the 80’s rock n roll look.
Q) What image were you trying to convey to your audience/customers?  
A) We always want our looks to support the designer.  After fashion week we love to show how to transform the looks we created on the runway into wearable trends.
Q) What were the most notable products/items that were shown and why? 
A) Our Velvet Air Lipstick in Mulberry…It’s rich deep tones made a big impact on the runway. With it’s chameleon texture that can be worn with a satin or matte finish, it’s perfect for fall/winter lip wear.  Also our Runway Lash Mascara on both top and bottom lashes was the finishing touch to creating the dramatic rock n roll smokey eye.
Q) What’s the overall inspiration behind these products?
A) To stay true to the brand DNA of Clean Fresh Modern and Classic.  Our products are created to perform to the standard of professional makeup artists, as well as appeal to the main stream beauty consumer.
Q) What are some key features about your products’ quality that you think most would be be surprised to know?
A) The mandate for each one of our products is to treat and perform.  Many times brands forgo the treatment aspect of the product.  For us making sure that the hair and skin always look, and is healthy plus beautiful is one of the upmost importances.
Q) Which products do you feel our readers should try and why?
A) Each one of our products has an amazing performance and purpose.  But my personal must have is our Runway Lash Mascara – its creates length and fullness of the lashes.  The Argon Oil is conditioning the lash keeping it flexible, not pokey or dry helping to preserve the integrity of the natural lash.  It’s truly life changing mascara.
Q) Who are some of the most notable people you have worked with, and what was it like working for them?
A) We have such a deep rooted history in the fashion world.  We focus on working wit emerging designers and notable alike.  We thrive on curating collaborating and bringing designers visions full circle.
Q) What do you have coming down the pipeline that you want your fans to keep a lookout for?
A) It is very important that each new product we come up with truly fills the needs first for the professional hair or makeup artist and then is relevant to what we see in trends for hair and makeup.  One category expansion is going to be home in late 2018.  In color cosmetics we are perfecting new technology for foundations.
Q) With so many competing beauty and product lines, what do you feel sets yours apart and is most unique about it, as well as the individual products? 
A) As a company we have a very rich history in the professional beauty industry.  We truly understand hair and skin from an intimate level, and know the importance of how products need to work not only for the professional but for the consumer who doesn’t have a lot of time, but wants a whole lot of results.
Q) Who is the ECRU New York Beauty customer and how would you describe them?
A) The ECRU New York Beauty customers are today’s power players, who are time poor and want simplicity and expect quality.  They don’t want to jeopardize their skin for temporary beauty and ultimately they understand the look and feel of prestige beauty.
Q) What was the overall experience like for you (also, have you been to NYFW before and how did this experience compare to past events and/or other shows you have been to?)
A) The experience is always amazing ( we have been backstage for over 20 years) and always unpredictable.  I believe that is why we a backstage sweetheart of designers.  We come prepared for anything and everything, the only thing left at the door are ego’s.  We don’t have time for that.
Q) How do you feel with LA Fashion Week around the corner?
A) Fashion weeks are the stage for designers, it gives them the platform to make a statement about them as a brand.  Every fashion week around the globe is a ten minute glimpse into a labor of love.
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