Summer is coming to an end faster than we’d wished but then again…..that means FALL, which means FALL FASHION and let’s be honest with ourselves on this one – WE LOVE FALL FASHION!

But before we get into layering up, let’s ensure we are all ready for what happens when EVERYTHING comes off…yes ladies and gents, Everything. And if you are like us, the idea of not being tanned, toned, or contoured is no different than being tagged on an unapproved photo pre-fabulous.

However, who would we be if we didn’t have a little secret to share with you on our little miracle salvation. For those of you looking for that GLAM one-stop-shop you need to look no further than THE TANNING BOUTIQUE in Westwood (which will be opening their Beverly Hills doors in 7-days!). They may call themselves “Tanning and Beauty Experts” but we know them as LIFE SAVERS.

Our very own team went in to check them out first hand and were introduced to the owner Erica – can we just say she’s one cool boss chic? We mean it! One of the most down to earth individuals that made the entire visit so amazing which just turned into the first of many. But it was beyond the customer experience, her services actually worked!

From the variety of spray tan options, we are a fan of the custom spray. And for those thinking why be tanned in fall/winter? Well, the way they do it you have control of the color and being that they use their proprietary organic solution with violet and brown tone bronzers it just helps you look lean, toned, and fabulous! But if this is not your thing – the amazing options don’t stop here!

Can we just talk about the skinny contour light wrap? This is the latest advancement in non invasive body contouring and skin rejuvenation technology – THAT WORKS! There’s no better way to say it “Naturally Slims You.” Something about this procedure that just shapes and tones all areas of your body safely without surgery or pain. It’s amazing how the contour light just slims you up. Best part is that this helps you be able to focus on body areas that are resistant to diet and exercise: waist, hips, thighs, arms even your chin!

Lastly, because brows and lashes are our go to – they offer Microblading and a Lash lift! But can we talk about this semi permanent eyebrow enhancement? The results look natural and lasts up to 18 months! So no more needing to fill in the brows each day and crossing your fingers you draw them the same.

So there you have it – Contour Light, A little Spray, and Brows that make your eyes pop.

That’s our little secret….

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