CHOUPETTE, a Cat and her 90k Instagram followers

I get it – She’s the Cat’s Meow…literally! But how is it possible that a white, blue eyed feline have over 90k instagram followers? It’s simple, she’s CHOUPETTE.

This cat has a special diet, beauty regimen and even a workout routine that many, believe it or not, like to follow. But what’s so special about this feline you must wonder…well, she belongs to the one and only KARL LAGERFELD. It is because of this one fabulous fact that we felt compelled to take the time to share with you the fabulous inside scoop on this furry creature.


Her workout routine is similar to most – she loves jumping around, running, and even does kitty yoga (Yes, it’s a thing). Karl even states the she has done “the cat pose, downward-facing dog, the cobra – she’s mastered them all.” Jeesh, and I can barely touch my feet.

But move over Kim K – because Choupette has her own routine for silky smooth hair and sparking eyes – it’s to the point that she has her own brand; her fur is brushed up to six times a day with a metal brush focusing on the neck and tummy. Her eyes are then cleaned daily with Ocryl. The rest of the routine? Well, that’s a secret…maybe it’s in the butter she likes to eat. It’s a guilty pleasure to go onto her masters table and dig her face into it.


However, as fun as it all may seem, a day would not be complete without some RnR. Her favorite place to relax and take the pressure off is in her master’s dressing room, under his jackets. But then again, who wouldn’t want to lay in a bed of Karl Lagerfeld fashion?

Well, that is it on this FELINE BEAUTY INSIDER – stay tune as there is more to come and we promise to stay out of the catnip.

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