After a gruesome competition between over 87 contestants we are finally ready to announce who will be the face in an LAFM editorial and winner of $500 plus some swag and dinner at one of LA’s hot spots…

The final 3 contestants were Kash – an actor, Stephanie – Miss Lebanon USA, Geraldine – an actress/model- Each a strong contestant in their own field and with truly a lot to offer.

But there could only be one winner…and the congratulations go to:


Can’t wait to see you in our Fashion Spring Issue featuring Gigi Hadid on the cover. Stephanie came in at a close second and the bronze medal goes to Kash. We are proud of every single one of you.

Now, for those who missed out on the challenge, let us share some of the BTS info that you did not get privy to. It was like REALITY TV IG-STYLE, we’re serious!

In the world of social media it is incredible to see how rapid a single tag or tweet can change everything. At times it’s not about who you are, but more on who you know and whether or not you see a post, therefore timing is EVERYTHING. There truly is a science to the madness that goes on in social media, specifically INSTAGRAM.

The competition as mentioned had over 87 contestants that due to popularity votes dropped to ten, and eventually led to a top 3 – and we were NOT ready. You’d think the competition would be a smooth thing, but this showed us that when you want something bad enough you will push and push and do whatever it takes – and this for some means to play dirty! (reminds us of High School cheerleader try outs). And we understand that while a traditional model competition is based on aesthetic, form, and grace, well, we wanted to do things different and stay in true Hollywood form through popularity. Too bad we forgot Bot’s exist, or that people can get nasty and managers love to get involved.

But, lesson of the story is – this was just a competition! Don’t take it serious and just enjoy it.

With that said, thank you to all the contestants and know that we truly appreciate your participation and dedication to our publication. We wish each and every one of you nothing but the best in your fields and we are certain we will all cross paths – after all, this is fashion and social media.


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