TATIYANA TAKENAKA – Making Her Way in the Fashion World

Tatiyana Takenaka is the person behind the brand Babyboogie. She is The LA Fashion Magazine’s very own photographer. Tatiyana is just an everyday person like all of us – but her devotion to pursuing her dream career is truly inspiring.

“Since I was born my parents gave me the nickname “Boogie” and sang me the Boogie Song every night. It stuck throughout my life, about middle school til mid-high school I really fought being called Boogie in public and I was embarrassed by it. I started to embrace the nickname and decided to end up using it as a way for people to remember me and stand out against others.”


“I worked every single day on my photography. A year ago I always thought to myself how amazing it would be to shoot LA Fashion Week but I imaged it was years and years away. My life crossed paths with Tina (from LAFM), she saw who I truly am, and gave me a chance. Now, I’m shooting LAFW this October.”

Tatiyana didn’t realize her true passion of photography until she was a senior in high school. Then she was enrolled in her first photography class. Ever since, her “thoughts have been consumed with photography” she says.


Tatiyana has a very unique gallery of photos. She finds inspiration from multiple places- mostly from Vogue, Pinterest, and other photographers she follows on Instagram.

“A photographer named Shamayim is one of my biggest inspirations and I thrive to be as good as him one day. I also get a lot of my inspiration from people I see walking down the street or from ads I see on the side of buildings” she says.

Not only does have a creative eye for photography, she has a genuinely big heart. She receives some emails/DM’s about people interested in working with with . “I make a conscious effort to respond to all of them within the first 24 hours. Sometimes, I see people in public, walk up and talk to them about possibly modeling for me, and hand them my card.”

She also works with her models to come up with her lovely outfits and makeup looks.

Remember Tatiyana now because she’s making her way to the top- and fast.

“I hope, in 5 years, I will be working for Vogue. That’s truly the biggest accomplishment I wish to achieve one day”.

“I want people to know that I am passionate about women’s rights andt throughout my career I hope to be able to use my platform to  spread awareness any way I possibly can. I want to live in a world where a women can walk down the street without being cat-called or feel unsafe. I would also like to thank every person in my life that constantly push me to be better and reach further for my dreams. To my sisters for always being there to model and help with anything I need, my parents, for constantly telling me how proud they are of me, Rena Dite (life mentor) for always giving me such Godly advice, my uncle for always supporting me in every decision I make, and Garrett Mitchell Eusebio (best friend and boyfriend) for always having my back, flooding my life with affirmation, and calming me down in times of stress. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them” says Tatiyana.

Check out her WEB for more information.

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