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C - Anouk Morgan
C – Anouk Morgan

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” – Leo Burnett

Bobby Brackins is the perfect example of someone who is genuinely intrigued by all areas of life and who takes on every challenge that is in front of him in order to further develop himself into the well-rounded artist and businessman that he is today. From fashion to music and the business world, Bobby Brackins is surely an icon of creativity.



Bobby Brackins’ career all started with his passion for music. He began to realize his passion for music ever since he was in high school and, when he started putting his sound out in public for others to hear, he saw that he actually had some acknowledgeable talent and skill.

“I was about 15 when I started taking it seriously and getting some notoriety.”

Not only did Bobby realize his own talents, but people who were already in the music industry also began to recognize him; people whom Bobby looked up to at the young age of 15. Today, he works with some of the most well-known music artists in the industry. Along with making his own music, Bobby Brackins has been involved in the writing process of a variety of popular songs by numerous well-known artists. In fact, he wrote Chris Brown’s hit single “Loyal” and was also involved in the writing of Tinashe’s “2 On”. Besides Chris Brown and Tinashe, Bobby Brackins has also worked with Mary J Blige, TY Dolla Sign, Pia Mia, Too $hort, E-40, Jeremih, Zendaya, and Austin Mahone. Despite all of the artists Bobby writes for and collaborates with, he is nevertheless dedicated to his own music as well.

“I like to write music for others, but my own music is most important to me.”

On the topic of collaborations, Bobby Brackins has just finished shooting the music video for his new single, “Joyride”, with Austin Mahone.

“Austin Mahone is a chill dude, he’s super laid back and humble. We shot the video at the sand dunes and had a great time doing so. I think the video has great fashion aspects and a very new age appeal. I expect this video to be a fan favorite.”

Set of "Joyride" music video C - Marcus Hyde
Set of “Joyride” music video; Bobby Brackins and Boots
C – Marcus Hyde
Set of "Joyride" music video; Bobby Brackins and Boots C - Marcus Hyde
Set of “Joyride” music video; Bobby Brackins and Boots
C – Marcus Hyde

As if making his own music and writing music for so many other artists wasn’t enough, Bobby Brackins is also known for discovering new talent and acting as a mentor to get those new artists on the right path as they expand their careers. Over time, Bobby Brackins has developed a great skill of recognizing new talent.

“I have discovered new artists and have helped them get their music careers started time and time again. I’m good at finding talent. I’m a visionary.”

The talent that Bobby has recently discovered and is currently mentoring is an artist by the name of Kasai. She resides in London and is just beginning her career as a music artist. Bobby saw potential in Kasai because of her unique sound and look. Recently, on social media, Bobby shared a photo of Kasai, letting all of his followers know that big things should be expected of the up-and-coming artist.

C - Bobby Brackins Management
C – Bobby Brackins Management
C - Bobby Brackins Management
C – Bobby Brackins Management




On top of all of the work that Bobby Brackins does within the music industry, he is also very involved within the fashion world. Bobby strongly expressed that fashion is something that he takes seriously. This sense of seriousness and dedication is shown through the designs that he creates for his own fashion line, Lost Kats. The brand Lost Kats got its name because of the overall mission of Bobby’s collection, which is to relate to and inspire those who may be lost on their journey of finding themselves and searching for their correct path in life. The brand is all about creativity and inspiration. Bobby explained that he was inspired to create his brand because he was fascinated by the thought of seeing lackluster clothing lines getting so much attention.He wanted to create items that he genuinely liked and that others could appreciate.

“I feel that a lot of people in my generation are having a hard time finding what journey they want to take in life. I liked the idea of a brand that can unify creative beings. What makes Lost Kats especially unique is the color ways, the designs, the marketing, and the imagery. Lost Kats has a very unique sensibility. I take a lot of the marketing pictures myself.”

C - Young California
C – Young California

Although Bobby talks about how his clothing is able to relate to those who are part of his generation, Lost Kats is accessible to all age groups. There is not one certain demographic that he aims to appease to. Bobby will be launching the online site for Lost Kats soon. Pieces from the collection can be seen in the new upcoming SpiderMan movie, as Zendaya will be wearing the brand.

Zendaya in Lost Kats                                                                                                   C – Bobby Brackins Management
Bobby Brackins and Zendaya in Lost Kats C - Young California
Bobby Brackins and Zendaya in Lost Kats
C – Young California

Anyone that likes it should wear it.

Although Bobby Brackins expressed his passion for several areas within the entertainment industries such as fashion, Bobby explained that music is really his main focus. However, Bobby does try to include fashion within his music as well.

“Music is my bread and butter, and i have a artist singed to me. However, I have fashion aspects heavily involved in all my shoots.”

For example, in the music video for “Joyride” with Austin Mahone, he made sure to integrate high fashion into the video, so that he could be sure to express both passions. Bobby Brackins’ career is still going strong. In fact, he is working on a new album that should be releasing soon. He recently put out a body of music called “To Live For”. Soon, he will be releasing a body of music called “To Die For”.

C - Bobby Brackins Management
C – Bobby Brackins Management

Keep track of all of Bobby Brackins’ upcoming projects such as his upcoming video for “Joyride” by following him on social media.





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