The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes

How many different types of product do you have in your makeup collection? Even if you have a bare-bones approach, you probably have at least a couple—concealer, powder, lipstick, eye shadow. If you rely on more makeup, you might add to that list, with foundation, blush, eyeliner, and more. But then ask yourself: How many brushes do you have— and do you know what to do with all of them?

If you’ve skimped on brushes, you’re selling your makeup routine short. That’s because each and every brush has a specific design to equal a specific result in your makeup routine. Take a stippling brush: This is on the more slender side of brushes, with a shorter collection of bristles that are even at the top. Its careful creation enables it to apply powder, liquid, or cream products, but what it does is offer an airbrushed look, especially when used with powder.

But there’s no way a stippling brush could be interchanged with a flat brush. This brush has a wider handle, and although its bristles are also even at the top, it has more of them for a chunkier look and feel. That’s because this brush has a directed goal of applying color right beneath the cheekbones. It’s not something you could accomplish successfully with the stippling brush.

Even when it comes to one product—say eye shadow—there are numerous brushes to help you accomplish different techniques. A general eye shadow brush, for example, has softer bristles and a beveled edge; with that, you’ll get a smooth application.

But if have an even that calls for a more dramatic look and feel and you want a richer, deeper look for your eye shadow, you’ll need an angled eye shadow brush. This enables you to build some depth in your color, thanks to an almost point in the brush bristles. And if you really want to expertly mix your eye shadow colors, the soft bristles of a blending eye shadow brush are your best choices. But these three brushes wouldn’t help you at all when it comes to applying eyeliner. For that, you need a very slender, fine-point eyeliner brush. This you can use with both liquid and gel, and its design lets you create a variety of looks, from understated to dramatic.

Of course, makeup brushes are an investment, which is why you should also learn the steps to prolong their life. That includes when to clean them and how to clean them.

Cleaning them regularly and well, which honestly takes just a few minutes, keeps makeup brushes in tip-top shape and prevents bacteria from moving from brush to makeup to your face.

Are you unsure what you need to maximize your makeup routine?

THIS HELPFUL GRAPHIC breaks out each type of brush, what it does, and how you can use it, as well as how to keep your makeup brushes in like-new condition. The result will be a professional-like makeup look that you get, all from the comfort of your own home.

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