Thomas Pink Dresses Wall St. Power Players


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“It’s the clothes that make the man”

— or in this case, the man and woman. Putting pieces together to go to work on Wall Street is not an easy job. You don’t want to look too boring, but not too flashy, right? Well modern British Shirt Maker Thomas Pink comes into play for characters of the Sony Pictures Classic movie, ‘Equity’, which features numerous women on Wall Street. Thomas Pink makes the clothing of the characters something very pleasant and excellent to look at. The brand showcases their crisp shirts and accessories all carefully crafted just for the film. Each piece of clothing throughout the film represents each characters’ successful and savvy personalities.

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‘Equity’ is a thrilling drama, not about corruption, crime, or catastrophe, but rather women’s strive to remain equal to men on the competitive professions on Wall Street. The film itself is directed, written, produced, and financed by women who chose to invest because they want the movie to reflect their stories. Finding the perfect cast and crew to produce a film like this is not easy, but these women made it possible, alongside with Pink’s visions of their styles.

Photo Courtesy of Media Vision

The Jermyn Street (London) brand joined forces with the producer of ‘Equity’ to unravel the styles of assertive, strong women on Wall Street. Thomas Pink dressed lead roles Alysia Reiner, Anna Gunn, Lee Tergesen, and James Purefoy.

Photo Courtesy of Media Vision

“While there are some very obvious status symbols employed by the Wall Street crowd, we discovered that the truly clever men and women –like those portrayed in the film— were more thoughtful in their sartorial choices,”

said Alysia Reiner, who is the producer and actress for the film.

“Thomas Pink came up over and over again in our research. We also loved that they had a fit for women that was simultaneously classic and a fashion forward fit, a rarity in this world,”

Reiner stated. The cast and crew knew they made the right choice by wearing Pink.

Photo Courtesy of Media Vision

Pink’s goal for the movie was going beyond the “cute office look”. His work with the cast and crew really portrayed how empowering women can be in the world of professions on Wall Street. Find out more HERE

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