Entrepreneur – The New Social Media Plague



“a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so”

That is the actual definition of an entrepreneur, now that we have that cleared up I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room – how social media affects entrepreneurship. I think at some point in time someone made up a new definition of entrepreneur that went viral and this is what they came up with:



“a person who sits at Starbucks on a macbook, checking social media accounts while sipping a venti frappe latte tai with no cream”

This is a plague. It’s like watching every single episode of the Walking Dead, and when it’s done you start all over again with season one. Instead of zombies, it’s wannabe entrepreneurs wielding macbooks, needing to survive off frappe lattes and that feeling of being a boss while walking around aimlessly.

Social media is affecting us in two ways, negative and positive, and black and white, It’s that simple. Seeing people that need that status make me sick to my stomach. They are the ones wearing a fake Rolex posting pictures on Instagram selling younger generations a ‘get rich quick scheme’, destroying the lives of people who just want more out of life than being a number in some corporation or business.

Now for the positive of social media and entrepreneurship. The reason why fake entrepreneurs spawn is because they only see one thing. They see the results of a many many years of struggle. If there is any entrepreneurs reading this I want all of you to do one thing, look for the journey of a successful business owner or entrepreneur, not the results. You will learn nothing from the results except how to fake your wealth. The years of struggle, tears, starvation, homelessness of any successful entrepreneur is insane and that is what you need to look for if you want to produce results, not popping bottles or a rented Lamborghini.


Do not be the fad or plague, Be the one who starves, Be the one who is willing to risk homelessness for more, Be the one who burns the ships, Stay true, Do the work…and results will be produced. I promise you.

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