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Finding a hair stylist that is right for you can be a tremendous task – especially finding one that not only appreciates the art of coloring hair, but also has the knowledge and experience necessary to do it right. This is where L’Oreal certified Carlos Rodriguez, hair painting genius and balayage aficionado, steps in. Rodriguez also specializes in Japanese permanent thermal hair straightening and keratin hair smoothing treatments. You can book an appointment with him at the Sally Hershberger salon in West Hollywood, but East-coasters have no fear! He will be taking over the Sally Hershberger salons in New York from time to time, so keep on watch.


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Rodriguez is no stranger to beauty. He was born in Cuba and raised in Los Angeles, where colors and cultures converge to invite inspiration and vision. He works individually with each client to make sure his or her inner beauty is captured and portrayed through his work. He has an extensive client list of celebrities and unique individuals that keep returning to his chair and each of his clients is treated like family members; his warm, positive energy makes the time spent at the salon an unforgettable experience.

Our team at The LA FASHION stopped by to witness the unique work of Rodriguez firsthand and he shared with us some insight on the work he does.


Balayage is a French word meaning to ‘sweep or to paint’. It allows for a sun-kissed, natural-looking hair color (similar to what nature gives us as children) with softer, less noticeable regrowth. The principal idea being that less is more when creating soft, natural looks.

How is balayage applied? What technique is used?

Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section to the tips. Otherwise, you would have a streak of color that is not soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because there are no foils or meche involved.

What sets this technique apart from traditional hair coloring?

An expert in balayage technique should be able to place the color to suit your skin tone so it will bring out your natural beauty and really highlight your features. However, do not get it confused with layage, which is a similar but more precise technique.

Finish the sentence: People that don’t color their hair…

Should keep it as natural as possible for as long as possible! Do not color your hair heavily. Perhaps, decide to go with a keratin hair smoothing treatment to improve the texture of the hair every four months. But really, there is nothing more beautiful or appealing than natural, healthy hair.

What is your dream as a hair stylist, and what accomplishments fulfill you most?

I want to spread the knowledge I have to my students and continue the legacy with my own school, online tutorials, and courses. Ultimately, I want to represent the CARLOS RODRIGUEZ brand as it is, internationally.

If a client were not satisfied with your work, how would you handle it?

I would not let them leave until they were satisfied with the final look. It has happened before; sometimes colors end up looking different than expected. It is important to properly communicate with a client to make sure they get what they ask for and leave happy. I always am sure to fix the problem the same day so the client does not have to wait.

To see some of his work in action, watch this video:

He has also been a mentor to many, and watching them thrive under his direction makes him very proud of the work he has accomplished and the art he has created.

Follow his magic on Instagram HERE

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