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When it came time to cast the cover of this fashion issue, we decided not to limit ourselves to the expected female only cover. Yes, we knew we needed a strong female that not only represents fashion but also has created a name for herself in the current world of social media we live in. But with all the choices out there – how would we know which one is the right selection?

But funny how the world works, we were approached by our partners in Milan with a tall leggy Public Figure – she walks catwalks, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and has in her right become a household name. SHE would be the perfect cover for us as we unanimously all agreed this was it! So this fall, thanks to our partners, we present to you


But we were not going to stop there. We had gone back and forth on who the perfect man would be for our first ever issue dedicated to men. We were handed a short list of people who typically appear on the covers of fashion magazines but we wanted to embrace a more expansive view of beauty and perhaps give a voice to an artist that is not typically on the forefront.

During a visit at COSMOPROF NA we came across a beautiful soul who’s name was recognized by all artists and celebrities alike. It was then that we knew our cover selection was made. It’s important to recognize an artist who has become an ICON in the beauty industry and is responsible for the hair looks we so commonly push for today. We present to you:


These two individuals represent, the evolution of beauty and how it intertwines in everything.

This FALL, be ready to learn about Fall Fashion, Life, and a little Gossip that will keep up with your busy lifestyle.


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