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Hopeless+Cause Womens’ Apparel SS17



Beautiful. Alluring. Uniquely YOU!

The theme for this Fashion Week’s show in LA was heart and soul. Designer’s heart is New Mexico. Her heritage and influence is Spanish, Irish, Cherokee and Italian. Her soul is NYC which influences her design as aesthetic with edgy and unexpected looks. Or as she perfectly describes by saying:

“I’m a HOPELESS fanatic of fashion. I’m a HOPELESS believer that everything happens for a reason and you should use it to drive or inspire you. And, because I’m human, I feel HOPELESS at times so I give others hope to be who they are meant to be. Life is filled with CAUSE & effect. What if there was a fashion line that supported: livable wages, eco-friendly & social-economic practices, and gave back? Now wouldn’t that be a CAUSE to get behind…and just think of that effect.”

© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka
© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka
© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka
© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka
© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka
© Copyright 2016 – Tatiyana Takenaka

Special thank you to Lowell Taylor!

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