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It appears we just blinked and suddenly entered the holiday season – and, for myself, as for many, a favorite — and why not? With parties, gifting, and welcoming the New Year, it’s a perfect excuse to #getglam. And, for this, we thankfully have St. Vincent Jewelry in DTLA!

Face it — Black Friday is here and we’ve begun our holiday wish list, but what to include? Simple! Boots, jewelry, iPhone, jewelry, oh, and did I say jewelry? Well, let’s say it again, just in case (and it’ll be there at least 4 more times). But, not to worry. If you don’t already know, when it comes to glam, you’ll definitely want to make St. Vincent Jewelry your go-to for all things gifts. St. Vincent Jewelry, is the world’s largest jewelry collective with more than 500 independent merchants offering amazing diamonds, precious gems, pearls, platinum, gold, silver, and designer timepieces at wholesale prices direct to you. So, as you shop for those on your list, you won’t feel guilty scoring some holiday bling for yourself!

Located at 7th and Hill St. in the heart of DTLA’s Historic District, you can see the sights, eat, and head right over to St. Vincent Jewelry to take in their dazzling array of diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in ready to wear and custom designs. They even have engraving, polishing, repair and setting services onsite, so it’s a one stop shot for all your jewelry needs.

And, you know what’s most impressive about it all? You get everything at 40%-70% off mall or retail prices on everything. No need to wait for a Black Friday sale, it’s always easy to invest in glam thanks to St. Vincent Jewelry making sure you (or your loved one) can finally get that special diamond treasure you’ve always wanted.

St. Vincent Jewelry is open 10am-5:00pm, Monday through Saturday, and will be open every Sunday until Christmas! This means every day until Christmas, you can select the perfect gifts for the ones you love, including, of course, yourself! Happy holiday shopping!

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