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The Only Outdoor Gear You’ll Ever Need

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to think about taking risks and trying new things. If you’re like most people and want to get out there and have a great new adventure, you’ll need the right gear to go with it. Bear Butt (yes, you read that correctly) is the newest and most innovative outdoor brand on the market right now.

It all started with Bear Butt’s signature hammock, which you can use pretty much anywhere. Haven’t been hammocking yet? Well you can take it to the park, go camping, and even get one for your pet. Lying in a hammock is probably one of the most comfortable and relaxing things to do, especially somewhere tropical, on a beach, with a freshly cut coconut in hand. The possibilities are endless, and you just might have to grab a few to match your mood.

What we love most about this brand, is that they not only sell top quality products at an honest price, they are the coolest example of what it looks like to take a huge risk on a dream and watch it unfold into something great. The company’s founder dropped out of college and even lived in a trailer while trying to support a young family. His wife Sami helped him to see the vision and encouraged him to take risks and as the saying goes, with great risk, come great reward.

So how did Bear Butt get started? You were initially selling soap on Amazon; how did you know hammocks would be the game changer for your business?  

We were actually making a living selling soap and realized it was working. But we wanted to make a brand and a company that could grow bigger than just soap so we settled on hammocks. It  was more about the brand, the product just happened to be hammocks, but it was the brand that we wanted. We wanted to make a brand that represented the good things in the world and have an environment where employees could fulfill their dreams and passions.

We didn’t care too much about product, rather the focus was a brand that could really make a difference and impact people’s lives.

How did you come up with the name?

We were out fishing in the mountains, and we wanted to come up with a company name- something funny but eye catching. We wanted to have a strong name, and Bears were strong, butt was funny and that was about it!

What sets your product apart from the competition?

Our business model is to make better quality products at an honest price point. This really hit home with customers and in just two years, we became a multi-million dollar brand. In January, we started manufacturing all of our products in the USA. We are targeting people that like the outdoors but aren’t super outdoor fanatics. WE ARE TAKING THE GRANOLA OUT OF THE OUTDOORS.

Tell us about how you’re expanding from hammocks to jackets and backpacks?

The hammock market was in need of new price point. The hammock market was a 10 million market, so we tapped into that and now we want to tap into the 100 billion dollar outdoor industry.

Last year, we wanted to rebrand the company because we believed we were only scratching the surface of what we were capable of as a company and not be limited to just hammocks. The goal is to become the largest outdoor company in the world, where we can be impactful to the world and have an even greater reach.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years? 

We want Bear Butt to be an energized, cohesive & converted team focused on making a ripple in the outdoor industry this year.  We are building our new HQ, we’re hoping to complete that in early 2019. Having BBHQ built out on a 16 acre plot of land, we will be making our own material, and manufacturing it on the BBHQ campus. We want to expand our offices and sell overseas in places such Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Our business will evolve over the next year, in continued product line expansions, a larger product line, which will be in niche type products, and we will have an influencer program and products (like Nike and their athletes/influencers). We’d like to create experiences for our employees by doing things like hiking Kilimanjaro (which is what we are doing in June) or skydiving as a team (doing this in March). Beyond that, we hope that what we are doing now can create a ripple in the outdoor industry, because our goal, and we will say this over and over again, is to become the greatest outdoor company in the world.

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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