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The Top Hairstyles for Winter

It’s still winter and you need to make sure that your tresses are trending to match your style. 2017 was quite a year in hairstyling, and this Winter has brought with it the greatest peek of hair fashion seen in years. Before you even think about stepping out of the door this winter, make sure that you have done the coat, cover and condition regimes with hair care products from the experts. Without the correct protection, your hair may suffer a little more with the out-of-this-world hair vogue this winter. The contrast between the 2017 liberal hairstyles and absolute healthy hair is what will be the deciding factor between trending or terrible this year.

Let’s Get Styling

Winter has brought us dirty blonde curls with 60’s inspired patterned head scarfs. It’s brought us banded boy’s cuts and wet dog pullback ponytails. It has demanded that you have the morning bed look on purpose. This winter, the trend for unruly rebellion is out, but it stipulates a healthy looking ‘jacquerie’. Without the health and vibrant bounce, the style means nothing. Let’s have a look at the specific cuts, colors and crazes that will be out and about this winter.


Bold and solid edges with two extremes are the winter call in hair this year. There are two styles here: either long curls framed by dead straight fringes or scalp coating boy’s cuts framed by a branded plain pastel hair band or a 60’s inspired headscarf. The idea behind ‘the straight and narrow meets rebel on the side’ 2017 trend is simple; this year, fashion is framing the natural beauty and vibrant health of both men and women worldwide.


Winter has come and it’s brought a definite palette of silvers, platinum and dark rooted blondes with a touch of brunette with it. The colors inspiring the natural flow of winter and the idea of allowing your hair to ‘just be’. The essence of the silvers and mixed blonde and brunette waves lies in the movement of winters own journey. Make sure to not overdo the colors and even though the cut calls for framing, make sure that your coloring remains as natural as possible.


Ponytails and schoolgirl plaits are back, not that they ever really left us. These have been joined by the old school scrunchie. So, if you’re collecting accessories for the winter months then make sure you have scrunchies to match your outfits, 60’s headscarves to match your style and enough confidence to let it all out. It’s all about the real deal showing through, and by styling your crowning glory to match your personality and the icy cold winter too, you’ll have it down to an absolute T. Make sure to remember not to overdo it, if it looks like you didn’t try too hard then you have the trend and you can go about your winter with assurance that you are swimming in the mainstream of Winter style.

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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