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Finally, A Face Mask for Men

New Year, New Man. It’s 2018 and it’s time to say goodbye to the unkept man. No longer is grooming considered a women’s only pastime, as manscaping has created a whole new world of acceptability in grooming. Going to the spa to get those fugly toes in check? Perfectly normal. Buying a beard oil to keep those facial hairs in tact? Absolutely. And adding a daily skincare regimen to your routine is literally the golden standard.

Yet, men can be lazy when it comes to grooming. After all, this is new territory. But thanks to Dekke Hud, they’ve made this whole process a lot easier. They’ve created the first and only face mask for men, and we’ve got the inside scoop right here at The LA Fashion.

How did Dekke Hud get started?

Dekke Hud Skincare was founded in 2016 with 2 goals; First and foremost is to provide the easiest and most effective way of taking care of men’s skin. The second goal is to donate proceeds to help stray animals in need.

Dekke Hud Skincare was founded to provide an easy skin care solution for men who find it too complex or difficult to take care of their skin. Most of my male friends find it too time consuming and are too lazy to take care of their skin. The funny thing is that they whine to me often about how terrible their skin looks. This got me thinking…with my extensive knowledge of various skin care products over the years, I set out to find something that would take the guesswork and complexity out of skincare. This led me to the facial mask, and here’s why: Men wish to do the minimum amount of work for the maximum amount of effectiveness. Dekke Hud’s bio-cellulose mask takes away the everyday lengthy skincare routines and replaces it with a high-quality mask. Because of its effectiveness, users will feel instant results after just one application. Customers only need to use the mask 1-2 times a week, and the results are just as good as going through a rigorous daily skin care regimen. It’s easy, fast, relaxing and effective.

The second reason to start Dekke Hud Skincare was to help stray animals. I adopted my first pet about 8 years ago; since then, my perception toward animals was completely altered. I began promoting the cause of “Adopt Don’t Shop” in my everyday life when it comes to pets. I seek every possibility to increase the awareness of stray animals as well as the adoption rate. I have also financially helped some local shelters and non-profit organizations that help stray animals. However, being employed and paid with a fixed income, it limits my ability to do more. In order to do more, I started Dekke Hud Skincare in 2016 with goals that I want to help more stray animals and organizations not just financially but also as a platform for increased social responsibilities.

Today, my products help men look good with minimal effort while also helping stray animals in need

What sets your facial masks apart?

We are currently the only facial sheet mask brand that specifically targets only the male market. Our masks are also the biggest size you can find in the market which will fit the majority of men’s faces. The most amazing part of our products is that customer will see INSTANT results just after ONE application.

Most men like to use a mud-based mask, but we all know that it’s always a huge hassle and causes a big mess due to the rinsing and sink cleanup involved. The mud-mask is also itchy and uncomfortable as it dries. Our bio-cellulose mask doesn’t have any of these problems. They are cool and relaxing (they don’t dry up), take only 15 minutes, and requires no cleanup. Simply toss the mask away when you’re done.

What product in the Dekke Hud Skincare line is a customer favorite?

This depends on the weather. During the winter season, our Skin Revitalization is the best-selling product. Our All Day Oil Control Mask is a customer favorite in the summer. Most men suffer in winter from things like dryness, sensitivity, chapped skin, etc. The key ingredient of our Skin Revitalization Mask helps reduce the dryness and sensitive irritations and also helps ease discomfort from razor burn after shaving.

What’s the most memorable moment for Dekke Hud?

My friends’ friend suffered from Rosacea for the last 5 years, he has looked for solutions to fix his issue but everything he tried has failed him, including prescription drugs from a dermatologist. Doctors said his condition was due to an immune system break-down, and there’s not much they can do. His face is so sensitive that he can’t use any skin care products on his face to ease the condition. The worst part is that weather changes the irritation; hot weather makes his face feel like burning while winter makes him feel like there’s thousands of needles pricking on his face.

He was introduced to Dekke Hud Skincare to see if it can help him reduce the discomfort. Amazingly, he came back to thank me said that his skin didn’t have any negative reaction to the mask, which surprised him because he has had tried numerous natural and organic products to no avail. The best part is that after using the mask, it did reduce the redness some and helped reduce his face’s sensitivity to weather.

The mask can’t cure the Rosacea, but I am glad that my products are able to help him reduce the irritation, something other products haven’t been able to do.

Where do you see Dekke Hud in the next 5 years?

The name of Dekke Hud came from the Norwegian language. It means “cover skin” like the mask covers your skin. Norway is known for many things such breathtaking scenery and premium quality water. The material of our mask, bio-cellulose, contains 90% water, which aids in hydration. Hence, I named the company in Norwegian, a country in which presents beauty and quality just like what I want to provide for my customers. In the next 5 years, Dekke Hud Skincare expects to become the male facial mask go-to brand for premium high quality, simple skincare.

Where can LA Fashion readers find you?

Readers can find Dekke Hud Skincare on

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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