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It’s Always Summer with Summer Wildes

Let’s face it. It never rains in Southern California isn’t just a lyric from an old song. With 80 degree temperatures this month and record heat this holiday, we’re lucky enough to enjoy that summer feel in LA almost all year long.  Thankfully, that means we can still search for summer casualwear and mix it in throughout the winter.

Well, you wont need to look any further, because Summer Wildes brings that classy, California beach vibe made with the finest quality and with you in mind. Get to know Summer Wildes right here with our insider scoop on the brand.

How did Summer Wildes get started?

The idea originally came out of the fact that I couldn’t find what I was looking for – an attractive, good-fitting, good-quality bra, sexy but not trashy. I took a course in bra-making at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and worked for a year with a specialist consultant figuring out how to construct bras and source components to my specifications. In thinking about how to brand the bra, I had the idea of creating a character who would typify the values of design and construction that I wanted to feature. I thought of her as fresh-faced, a little retro, with a pin-up figure, but classy — an all-American girl, but with style and personality of her own. I dubbed her “Summer Wildes”, combining the season that seemed to typify her virtues with my own middle name. As my conception of the character took shape, so did ideas for the kinds of other items she’d want to wear — bikinis, tees, leggings, lounge pants, beach cover-ups, etc.

What sets your product apart?

The attributes that really make us stand out, I think, are our attention to detail and the superior fit made possible by the use of fine fabrics and other materials. Take the bikinis, for instance: they’re made of soft, plush French cotton/Lycra terry, with a halter-style top and eco-friendly horn rings. I don’t know any other bikinis on the market like them. Very important too: all Summer Wildes products are made in the USA — something not so easy to do today — which gives me the opportunity to personally monitor every step of the manufacturing process.

What product in the Summer Wildes line is a customer favorite?

Easily the Summerland Bra. It was the first Summer Wildes item and truly a labor of love to create. Great fit, mesh fabric, fancy trim, and just the right amount of sexiness. Now, as I add more products, the Huntington Hooded sweatshirt is running a close second as a favorite. It’s a comfy, zip-up in bright white 100% combed cotton. I wear one myself practically every day.

What’s your most memorable experience in the process of building your business?

That’s a toss-up between the day I picked up my first round of inventory and the day my website launched. Both reiterated to me that Summer Wildes was a GO. Every day I pinch myself to remind myself that it’s real — that I got to pursue my dream.

Where do you see Summer Wildes in the next 5 years?

I envision Summer as a boutique brand gaining a passionate, loyal following and growing in terms of offerings and as a brand, with pop-up stores and private sales all over the US in addition to the flagship website. The sky’s the limit for Summer.

Where can LA Fashion readers find you? and on IG @summer_wildes — and sign up for the newsletter at Summer’s Newsletter to learn of private sales and pop-ups coming to your area, as well as new products and special offers.

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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