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Perfect Holiday Skin with Body Merry

Holiday season is well underway, and that means parties, gifts, and of course, time with the ones you love. Now although they may be our loved ones, we’re not naive to pretend that sometimes they can bring on the drama during the holidays. This can wreak havoc on your skin, from stress breakouts to overly dry skin. But never to fear, we wouldn’t leave your skin high and dry, so when those holiday skin blues come around, Body Merry will keep you golden.

As a company that prides itself in helping people get happy about their skin, Body Merry helps people on any budget pamper themselves with great skincare. They use the best ingredients (no parabens, phthalates, etc.) and are 100% cruelty free. And now, you’ll have a chance to learn even more about Body Merry, right here in our one-on-one interview with the brand.

How did Body Merry get started?

We saw a need in the market place that at the time wasn’t being met.  Great skincare with wholesome/natural ingredients but also packed with powerhouse ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, etc. and all at accessible price points.

What sets your product apart?

It’s definitely a combination of things.  Our price points (when you look at competitors with similar products, their retails are much higher) our retails range from $13.99-24.99, we are 100% cruelty free, we avoid using harsh chemicals (such as parabens, phthalates, etc.) and all of our products are manufactured here in the US.

What product in the Body Merry line is a customer favorite? 

Our Retinol Moisturizer is our best seller! It’s an amazing serum/moisturizer combo that delivers strength and power to help fight wrinkles, lines, discoloration, etc., while keeping your skin super hydrated and it is gentle enough to use daily.

What’s your most memorable moment for Body Merry? 

This is something that is ongoing…as a small brand, building brand awareness is key and it’s always exciting to see new customers and fans of our products.  Also, getting acknowledgment from larger, more established brands like Forever21, who recently launched their beauty store Riley Rose and asked us to become a brand partner.  This is our first footprint in brick & mortar and we are very excited about the opportunity.

Where do you see Body Merry in the next 5 years? 

Definitely having greater brand presence and retail partnerships, while continuing our simple mission of helping people get happy about their skin.

Where can LA Fashion readers find you? 

They can find us online at or at  They can also find us at the Riley Rose store located in the Glendale Galleria.

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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