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LA Skincare with LALOGY

As temperatures cool here in LA and we begin to experience the LA version of Fall and Winter, there’s always a risk of your skin changing with the season. Yes, we know, it never rains in SoCal and our Fall and Winter is mild at best, but cooler temperatures still mean that you’re going to need the right products to help your skin keep its summer glow. Lalogy is based in Los Angeles and is literally fusing LA culture into their products. All natural and organic (sounds LA, right?) is their motto, and they’re here to share with us more about what they do.

Photocredit: Lalogy

Tell us about Lalogy.

Lalogy, which broken down means “the study (logy) of Los Angeles (La) culture” began from a personal need of wanting to keep my overall appearance youthful. I was in my early thirties at the time, and had established a consistent routine for my body but up until that point had no real routine for my skin care. Throughout my 20’s I had tried various products with varied results but had never really found something I truly loved. Around this time I was also becoming more aware of the alarming rate of chemicals we were ingesting, as well as topically applying to our bodies on a daily basis, and knew that my next product would have to be of the “plant based” variety. After an extensive search I found that every way I turned, products like these were either in the hundreds of dollars (I could not afford) or no product was truly natural & organic. Among the many chemicals in some of today’s top brands, synthetic, chemical based preservatives were and still are prevalent. It was then that I decided to take this venture fully into my own hands and take a DIY approach to it. I would source all the right ingredients from the best farms across the land and I would attempt at making my own skin care. I had a family full of doctors and nurses, a passion for cooking (thanks mom!) and a thing called the “internet”. A place where I could read endless rants on this topic, contact various experts in the field of personal formulations and find out what tools I would need to get started. It was easier said than done but after dozens of failed attempts I was finally able to get my first cream to “hold”, needless to say, I was ecstatic. Initially, this was to be my own secret weapon in helping me combat “growing old” but soon family and friends were trying and loving my formulas and eventually the idea of making it a fully fledged company was the next natural step. Now typically, designing, creating and making a company from scratch can cost you a small fortune and be extremely difficult but when you’re working with such a force in the form of Elinar (Co-founder) things were made much easier. My partner and I both had solid backgrounds in design/graphic design (bachelors in Architecture) and these skills were the ones that really helped us take these handcrafted concoctions and turn them into a real brand. And thus, Lalogy was born.

Photocredit: Lalogy

What sets your product apart from other brands?

Once you start to understand the difference between products that are mass produced vs products handcrafted in small batches you start to understand the need for some of these companies to jam pack their products with synthetics and synthetic preservative systems that can keep a product from spoiling and sitting on shelves for months on end. Lalogy’s goal was the exact opposite. We didn’t want our products sitting on shelves for weeks, months, years–and we surely would not want to apply said products on our skin, especially our face! If we were to create effective products made with fresh natural & organic ingredients then we would have to treat them as such. Just like produce you purchase from your local grocery store our products too are made to order and require refrigeration for maximum efficacy and recommend that they be “consumed” in a 1-3 month window.

How do you make your products?

Being a smaller company allows us the flexibility of creating orders in extremely small batches, which means you’re always getting fresh skin care at it’s most effective. Our selection of botanicals, extracts and exotic oils are hand picked and specifically chosen for each product/formula to make sure that your target problem is thoroughly and effectively addressed. Being that all of our ingredients are plant-based we never expect any side effects but with anything in life, one must know their own allergies, research our ingredients and choose their product accordingly.

What are your favorite products right now?

At the moment there are 2 of us here at Lalogy, which help it to “live and breathe”, David and Elinar. We both unanimously agree that each of our 4 classic products are uniquely effective but if we had to absolutely choose our favorites they would go as follows. For Elinar, her superstars are ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Lullaby’. She has found that The Hangover has helped to lift and tighten her skin, reduced her pore size and evened out her skin tone. The Lullaby has been pure magic in erasing her acne scarring and keeping her skin hydrated and plump. For me, David, my 5 star winners would be ‘Alert’ and ‘The Hangover’. One of the easiest signs to spot aging are the under eyes. Before Alert, my under eye skin was starting to get a little thin and pale/irritated. As I continued to use Alert, I started to see a nice thickening of the skin in this area and less redness and puffiness. It has also helped to keep wrinkles in this area virtually non-existent. The Hangover has just been a miracle for my overall face. Thicker, plumper skin that continues to look youthful as I tack on the years. Wrinkles and sagging skin are a thing of the past and breakouts are no longer a force as they were in my 20’s.

Photocredit: Lalogy

Who have you collaborated with so far?

As I mentioned earlier, we are big on using Instagram and have to name drop 3 of our favorites collaborations, Amanda (@organicbunny), Agnes (@artsyagnes) and Marion (@storyofmar). We always do our best to work with brands or individuals who align with our ideals and these 3 definitely hit the mark. Amanda is very outspoken in the natural and organic realm and is never shy in exposing brands and their “shortcomings”. Agnes and Marion are both extremely inspirational in their content and posts and have always been a true pleasure to work with. If we were to strategically choose a “dream” candidate to work with, we would say Kourtney Kardashian as she is into the “green” lifestyle that we truly believe in here at Lalogy.

What do you have planned for the future of Lalogy?

We will always do our best to remain a very simple and direct solution for skin care which means we will always keep our product offerings at a minimum. We currently have 4 products but do envision expanding to 8-10 products in the future. We do, however, have one extremely unique product coming down the pipeline early next year. We are calling it “Lalogy You” and it will give our clients the ultimate control in skin care.

Photocredit: Lalogy

Who is your target audience?

Our target client is the young/established professional, female/male, 28-48, health conscious, exercises regularly and is actively pursuing goals. They also have no problem investing in themselves in the form of what they eat or what they apply to their body or what they spend their time learning.

What products does your line offer?

We currently offer 4 exclusive products, Alert, our eye cream, 2 daytime moisturizers–The Hangover & Sunkissed, and our precious night cream, Lullaby.

Where can The LA Fashion readers find you?

We can be found at:

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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