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We at THE LA FASHION are proud to be able to partner with MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MX as part of their INTERNATIONAL MEDIA OUTLETS.

“It is all about coming together, showing support, and believing in the people involved. There is such beauty in the heart and pride of Mexico – and it’s not just because I am from there. Anyone who is lucky enough to experience the people will understand why it is we stand behind their efforts. As long as they will have us as partners, THE LA FASHION will continue to support FASHION WEEK MX, and all of their projects.”

– Nina Vargas, President and

Editor in Chief for LAFM

Showing an even greater commitment in our international presence – we have partnered with Lo Dorantes from FLOW MX to be part of our International Marketing expansion. Thanks to her support in THE LA FASHION vision we were able to not only secure partnerships as we begin to work on our PASSPORT Edition (more info to be released Q1 2018), but we also have opened doors to our first office in Condesa in Mexico City.

As stated by our Editor in Chief, THE LA FASHION is dedicated to support #FASHIONWEEKMX and we will continue to do so for the seasons to come.

Afterall, this is only the beginning.

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