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A Dapper Fix to Keep You in Style


It is not formerly known how the pocket square came into being. Some believe that it was King Richard II whom was the inventor to this accessory as he made it a statement to wear pieces with bright detailing. Others will unanimously credit Marie Antoinette who standardized the sizing to 16” x 16” as we see today. But regardless of when this accessory dates back to, we can’t help but thank a modern mind from Minnesota for making it possible to wear it in style.

Back in December of 2015, while traveling Brandon and Geni couldn’t help but notice a common issue faced when wearing pocket squares; Aside from learning to fold them, there was such difficulty in helping them be kept firmly in place – it was then that a concept was born, and after a few trials a brand was launched in June of 2016.

Photo Credit: Dapper Keeper

By now you are thinking, unless you wear a suit or have an eye for detail, something as little as a pocket square may not be of concern – but just as important as a good manicure is, or the difference between blending your contour, wearing a well folded pocket square makes a difference in your presentation. Dapper Keeper has begun a revolution that is making a statement worth embracing. Being well-dressed in a wool finish and offering two slots to prevent it from moving around this pocket square holder is anything shy as to what it name suggests – Dapper.

So next time you realize you are in need to step up your wardrobe game. Or you have a meeting or interview that requires a suit – don’t underestimate the power of the pocket square…and be glad that DAPPER KEEPER is finally available.

And as they say, “Stay Dapper”

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Photo Credit: The Dapper Keeper



Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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