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Viable Harvest

If you’ve been following The LA Fashion for a while now, you’ll notice that we absolutely love to feature innovative brands. From the unique Japanese online marketplace Aitai Kuji to hydrogen infused skincare from Lisse, we are always on the lookout for new products to introduce to our readers. Well, Viable Harvest is the next big thing in eco-friendly fashion with all-natural wood accessories, and they sat down with us for an exclusive interview to tell us more about their brand and their products.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Viable Harvest is family-owned business that specializes in eco-friendly products and fashion accessories.

How did your brand begin?

Viable Harvest started in a living room in the hill country of Missouri. The vision was to spend more time with family while building a business that helped others in the process.

What makes it different from other brands in your market?

We’re different for many reasons, mainly because we genuinely care about our customers. Yeah, we want to make a profit, but not necessarily for the reason other businesses do. We want to use what’s been given to us to help others. Families helping families. That could mean anything from across the street to across the world.

What key benefits does your product offer? Are there any potential side effects from it?

We strive to choose products that not only look great but that also help us to steward earth’s resources. We hand select all-natural wood products because we care about people and the environment. Each product is unique – just like the natural beauty of wood.

Photo Credit: Viable Harvest

How do you plan on educating the market about your brand?

Right now, we are doing our best to keep up with demand. The business has really grown over the past few years, so our future efforts will be on keeping forward momentum, increasing our marketing and developing partnerships with others who desire change. Of course, we love L.A. Fashion Magazine and are thrilled to partner with them!

Is there a specific product you swear by that you believe our readers MUST TRY?

We love all of our products (who doesn’t, right?), and the reason we say this is because a portion of every sale goes to help families around the world. Right now we are focusing on educating the world’s most vulnerable. We strongly believe in education and equality for all people.

Which are the most notable people you have worked with so far? Do you have anyone in the works? How about a dream candidate/spokesperson?

L.A. Fashion, of course! As a newer company, we’re just trying to navigate this journey as best as possible. We love partnering with folks from all over the world, and would love any of your readers to contact about what we do and how they can get involved.

Photo Credit: The LA Fashion Magazine, Fall 2017

What would you want your fans to keep a look out for in the near future for your brand?

We are constantly looking at new products and the latest fashion trends. We have a few things in the pipeline right now, and are excited what this looks like for our brand and for our customers.

If you had to choose a specific target, who is your customer?

Anyone who wants to change the world. To help others. To be better. Someone who wants to take small steps but make a big difference. Come join us on this journey!

Have you done any expos? How were they for you?

L.A. Fashion is our first big expo, and we appreciate the opportunity. We hope this is the start of something amazing!

Your collection, how many products is it currently made up of? What are they specifically?

We have a full line of wooden accessories and other natural fashion products. We offer products for men and women, including a full range of wood watches, wooden sunglasses and leather belts. We’re always looking for more products to add to the Viable Harvest collection, but it has to fit our vision and our mission to help others around the world.

Where can our readers find you?

You can find us at, on Facebook or Instagram (@viableharvest)

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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