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Fall Beauty Must-Have: Saffron Secret

Here at The LA Fashion, we’re always looking to find the highest quality products to introduce to our readers, and this Fall we’re introducing one of the best kept industry secrets–Saffron Secret. Saffron is one of the most lavish ingredients, found most commonly in Indian food, but has also been regarded as a health food cure-all. As you know from our Fall Issue, Saffron Secret was featured as one of our Fall Must-Have products, and now we’ve got the exclusive interview with co-founder Darren Rozowsky.

Tell us a little about yourself.


I’m Darren Rozowsky, cofounder of Saffron Secret, married to the exquisite Elinor, 2 yr old “apple of my eye” son Daniel and another bundle of joy on the way. I have a background in entrepreneurship, marketing and product launching. I love interacting with people, creativity, and immersing myself in new experiences! I believe in hard work, methodology and living your passion.

Being a part of Saffron Secret hones the capabilities of my professional experiences’ toolbox, personal development aims and passion spectrum all in one. Saffron Secret is led by a trio, a formidable team of partners, with Daniel Moyal, our beauty guru, heading the research, development and formulating, Mike Wolberger, who has lived cosmetics for over 4 decades heading operations and logistics, and myself leading the business development, marketing and sales of the brand. An eclectic bunch which fits together like a puzzle. We are based out of and produce in New York.

Photo Credit: Jose Valencia


How did Saffron Secret the brand begin?

The group had been formulating for some time when Daniel, a beauty innovator and former hair stylist, delivered the “eureka” about saffron and brought it to the table. He recalled his mother’s love for cooking with the king of spice, and how she had told him it was so expensive and full of medicinal value, and that brought on a domino effect.  What started off as an initial review of the spice and its supposed benefits sent us all off on a journey which landed us up on a farm in the Ebro valley of Spain, waiting for the saffron to bloom. Only once we got up to speed on the growing process and the harvesting which we took part in, did we fall in love with saffron and start researching and formulating with it. The passion grew along with our new ritual of drinking saffron tea with our own organic harvest which we had grown. The vision to deliver a premium beauty brand bringing saffron into the modern era on the pillars of health, lasting results and beauty was born.

What makes it different from other brands in your market?


First and foremost, we are not the only ones to say it but a trend has now been set. The world’s finest spice, an aphrodisiac of world renown can now be utilized on a day to day basis to nourish your hair. All of our products are formulated in-house with years of knowledge and up to date innovative practices. We manufacture in New York, which may be a lot more costly than other places, but we wanted to be on top of production as close to home as possible with the best raw ingredients. Our brand’s products are European Union certified. It was important for us to pass their stringent screening and show all that our products are safe and have a green light in Europe as there is nothing other than a voluntary signup FDA process in the US. We have zero tolerance for imperfections and toxic substances. No formaldehyde, no parabens. Just good vibes and organic saffron. Oh, and smell our products, a very different woodsy smell which is a huge differentiating factor.

Photo Credit: Jose Valencia

Tell us about SAFFRON as a key ingredient – what benefits does it offer? Are there any potential side effects from it?


Saffron is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 Riboflavin, Vitamin B3 – Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Carotenoids and Crocin– All being extremely beneficial to hair and skin health.

Relating to side effects, we only recommend that pregnant women do check with their physicians prior to utilizing the products.

How do you plan on educating the market about your brand?


The proof is in the pudding. We are right here in the LA Fashion Fall Print edition as one of your top picks right? All jokes aside, at Cosmoprof we were chosen as a trendsetter brand for 2017 and numerous publications have reiterated this. On the other hand we have salons contacting us directly in droves, distributors from as far as Western Samoa who want to give it a crack, and more importantly trendsetter consumers who have fallen in love with the results, smell and brand itself. However, in order to truly get out there and well known, it requires a lot of planning and hard work. We are less than 3 months after launching and now is the time to engage with interested distributors and retailers, and to do things right. What is the right way? Everyone will tell you something different. So far so good.

Is there a specific product you swear by that you believe our readers MUST TRY?


I myself do not have a personal favorite. My wife and mom die for the Saffron Style and Shine Hair Oil. As my mom says, even when vacationing in Thailand, with the oil, her hair never frizzed. Daniel, my partner, did a saffron smoothing treatment for my mother-in-law and she had severely damaged hair with acute hair loss and the treatment along with the ongoing usage of the post treatment shampoo has done her wonders on a personal level. I have to say that it is fun to take your work home with you and have your family first and foremost as happy customers.

Photo Credit: Jose Valencia

Do you have a dream candidate/spokesperson?


Cleopatra used to take baths with saffron according to legend, but unfortunately she has not been around for quite some time. She would be the dream spokesperson. We are open to suggestions.

What would you want your fans to keep a look out for in the near future of SAFFRON SECRET?


Near future: We will be launching a few more hair nourishment products most probably at Cosmoprof Bologna. There is one in particular that I am very excited about. It is a double boost of allure, that’s for sure. Cannot say more than that.

In the post-near future, we will be launching our skin care line. Too much work to be done in parallel to launch both haircare and skincare in a shot as we are not yet Proctor and Gamble. Formulas are ready for D-day.

Beauty products often want to be a product for everyone, but if you had to choose a specific target, Who is your customer?


High end hair salons and their clientele. No one can appreciate a good product line more than the pro hair stylists themselves and we have seen the excitement of stylists who have tried out the line and it becomes a part of them. On the consumer level, this is a premium line for consumers who are looking for a product that brings solid results including health benefits and an allure of saffron.

Your collection, how many products is it currently made up of? What are they specifically?

7 Products with different size variations – total of 10 SKUs.

Saffron Smoothing Treatment

Saffron Post Treatment and Maintenance Shampoo

Saffron Straight On Hair Mask

Saffron Straight On Hair Conditioner

and 3 Saffron Oils: Style & Shine, Curl Defining, & Color Protection


Where can our readers find you?


In the US, select salons who work with us directly and with our distributors in a number of regions. We are currently stepping up the distribution process with new distributors as we only recently launched at Cosmoprof North America. We are also available on Amazon. We are also entering a number of European and other international markets in the next couple of months.

To find out more about Saffron Secret, visit

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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