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Maryling Spring-Summer 2018 – ”Elegance is an attitude. Elegance is an art.”

Artistic couture characterizes the MARYLING SS 2018 collection that is inspired by the graphic artwork of Ellsworth Kelly, Jean Degottex and Lucio Fontana and completed with sixties silhouettes.

This surprising fusion between art and fashion creates wearable masterpieces generated by different inspirations: a white canvas framed in black and a black one sliced with a sharp blade, and also a brush stroke dividing the space, a simple image that becomes pure creativity through color.

The MARYLING collection is a muse of modern art, a blend of Jean Degottex’s abstractionism and the experimentalism of Pierre Cardin in a rapid dialog between shape and color and with a style that remains boldly impressed upon the pieces in the collection. Chemisier dresses with an emphasized waist reveal distinct lines and a naturally chic mood. Formal dresses bare the shoulders and décolleté with grace, while new peplums are perfect for style mavens who love the sound of rustling fabric around them.

The sixties mood verges on the iconic: the miniskirt becomes couture and high-waisted palazzo pants turn into an object of style. It’s super cool Mod Style made more vibrant with dazzling optical prints, unusual geometric shapes, and a bouquet of rainbow hues – bright red, yellow and electric blue – that create an intense burst of emotions like the works of Ellsworth Kelly and the sensations they transmit to the viewer.

These pieces form a palette of different styles sharing the signature design of MARYLING because, as Twiggy said, “You don’t have to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look.”
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