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”Good things happen to those who groom.”


Then she said ”It’s either me or the beard” Don’t take it the wrong way- ladies love a real man. But real doesn’t equal au naturel anymore. As you expect us to shave, trim, buzz, and zap every area of our bodies we have gotten appetite for the men who embrace the tricks of manscaping. And this is why we love it:

He pays attention to details and cares about the finish. The touch of perfection to his facial hair; eyebrows, neck- and jawline says a lot about a man, in the same way as his abs says a lot about his diet. That eight-pack doesn’t come by looking at the diet options in the dairy shelf, but from consistence and discipline in the kitchen. It’s a lifestyle and the choice of steamed broccoli before a steaming, delicious, casserole on a weekday. There’s nothing as attractive as a man taking the time to groom his unkempt furriness, but that doesn’t equal shaving it all off.

It’s not a two-sided story of either silky smooth or caveman-y men, just like with sex, all women like it different, but most like it well tamed. Just like we prefer our greens to be organic, we are mindful in our choice of attraction to you. The details are what differ the bachelor from the rest of the single men.


If it makes you look worse, get rid of it. Great hair sometimes equals no hair. If your facial hair is growing like spread out cactuses in a desert valley, it’s a no-other-choice than to let the silky smoothness rule ones cheeks. And if your skin post shaving gives the impression of a volcano eruption on Hawaii, you it’s probably time to switch out that old blade of yours. Although, if you’re blessed with a perfect facial hair, keep it- but only if you’re going to treat it as a rose in the garden. Many women like to look at it- not as many like to kiss it; it’s the feeling of being slowly combed with a boar bristle brush that is the mood killer…


Dude, lose the sweater! Some women like a buzzed front, others a clean shaved torso, but the general rule: if we can’t see your body, change the all seasons sweater for a soft vail of sexiness. Letting your ”wild manliness” grow free is not todays woman’s dream, and to be honest, no woman wants to wake up petting Chewbacca.


Don’t sprinkle the bathroom with your leftovers man Last but not least: leave no hair behind! It’s not party confetti to leave when your manscaping junket is over. Just because it doesn’t stick to you any longer it still belong to you. Be a gentleman and put your weeds where we can’t see them- and no, don’t even think about comparing a left over hairpin with your pubes; they have never ended up between your teeth and never will.





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