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Dress Like a Woman

These times that we live in are stranger than fiction. One part farce, one part threat. We as women cling tight to the progress we have made as a whole. The 21st century allows us to be too smart to repeat the mistakes of the past that will lead to our eventual enslavement, binding, and suppression. This is a time for fighting. This is a time for resistance. This is a time to wield power. Female sexuality is a dangerous card that can be played when men can’t keep a straight face.


The present requires us to push your buttons, to get in your face, to make you pay attention, to bring about regret for your brutish, medieval ways. We are making a future where our bodies, minds and life giving power are respected. Fashion gives us a voice when we can’t or aren’t allowed to say a thing.  We have to dress ourselves, society requires it, so why not do so in a way that speaks in modern tones? Why not dress ourselves as we would like the rest of the world to see us? If you can’t see it, you can’t believe it.

Observe our President: female, strong, feminine, forceful. She doesn’t play by the rules and she certainly isn’t going to put clothes on for the pleasure of men. Style is personal expression.


Ok, you asked for it!


Photography/Creative Direction: Jamie Solorio
Model: Rose Lynch
Makeup: Jen Siqueiros
Stylist/Creative Direction: Robin Fator
Graphic Design: Amanda Souders 
Suit: Courtesy Tuxedo Den Redding
Skirts/Graphic Tshirt: Dark Pony Designs
Belt: Courtesy Carousel Boutique
Jamie Solorio

Jamie Solorio

Jamie Solorio is a photographer and creative planner hailing from Northern California. She works with a team of dynamic artists who produce commercial and editorial works.

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