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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Favorite Color, Do You Agree?

There is a whole rainbow of colors in the world, as we know.  With so many options, picking one favorite might be a hard choice to make.   However, some astrologists seem to think that it’s all in the stars.  Who am I to say whether they are right or wrong?  I can’t say that I am much of an astrology person.   I mean, I’ve never had my palm read or did the Ouija board/tarot card thing.  The most I’ve probably done astrology-wise is read my horoscope.  But I have peeped various astrology theories in which they indicate we tend to gravitate towards a particular color based on our zodiac sign.  Basically, we have a favorite color whether we realize it or not.

Take a look at what your favorite color is supposed to be and then let me know your thoughts…

red cape dress blue labels boutique

pink satin shift dress
                                                   Model-Lauren Hall | 📷 Aaron Friedlander

ball drop earring from blue labels boutique

blue lace dress blue labels boutique
                                                          Model : Sade A. Spence | 📷: @718sean.p

mirror tint oversized sunglasses

green cape blazer blue labels boutique

royal blue skirt with split front

sheer burgundy top and burgundy pants blue labels boutique

denim dress with frayed sleeves blue labels boutique

blacklaceofftheshoulderbluelabelsboutique blue envelope clutch bag blue labels boutique green tank dress blue labels boutique

Mine was a definite match. How ’bout yours, was it right or wrong?  Leave your comment and let me know…

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