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Summer Starts with LAFM!

What happens when you mix Fashion, Music, and all the Sexy People in LA? You get one hell of a SUMMER KICK-OFF Party!

That is exactly what THE LA FASHION MAGAZINE has planned, as they celebrate their duo summer cover, Day and Night. The Day side features the sultriness of pop-era songstress Charisse Mills in golden glows, and the Night cover features the temptress and allure of Madame Methven’s designer, Kaila Methven, shot stunningly under the ‘moonlight’. This summer season, the magazine has decided to start summer right with a Beverly Hills Estate Party, highlighting all that is LA FASHION!

The event is scheduled to start at 6pm, with F.A.T.E. handling the star studded guest list on the red carpet. Security will be tight, so be sure to get on the list!

As you enter the event, you’ll see several specialty cocktail stations that offer something for everyone. From Noble Vines, Joe’s Summer Gin, Harmless Islands, and even infused tequila for the bravest of them all! And no guest will go dehydrated, thanks to Harmless Harvest Coolers being served throughout the venue.

Catering for the event will be provided by Chef Bernard James, who will share his Taste of The Caribbean, alongside an array of assorted desserts from VAN Bakery. As the event continues, guests can chill out with a homemade gelato from Amarinyo. YUM!

But delectable food isn’t everything – guests will be offered custom spray tans from “Spray By Nelli,” a makeup station thanks to Giovanissa, and even polish upgrades to ensure you have your bases covered before you hit the Photo-Booth! The Insta-story worthy event will even offer a backdrop covered with white flowers, couture mermaids, and pop-ups from In The Weeds, Wrist Junkies, Frequent Flyers, Carine Care and much more….

Live entertainment will include a private performance from Charisse Mills, debuting her Hit Summer Single, ‘PUT IN WORK’ followed by fire dancing from Glitch Nova

All music will be curated by music producers EXSSV and RawTek.

So don’t miss out on this Summer Kick-Off Event!

You can also tune in to be apart of the event live @THELAFASHION and @FNLnetwork

P.S. Bring your Bikinis!

The LA Fashion Magazine
Special thanks to:
Jasmin Mnasi: Media Content Producer- Photographer/Director
Ani Galestanian: (Entertainment Consultant/Brand Developer) LimitLess Entity
Philip Righter at General Things, LLC

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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