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Third Uprising’s Rooftop Launch Party

Third Uprising’s classically minimalist collection launched to a reception of guests on Wednesday night in LA. Persian rugs and floor seating were assembled around a retro DJ who spun pop tracks, a buffet of delicious curry shrimp bites and guacamole was offered and champagne and chardonnay to top the night off. The fashionistas and entrepreneurs alike had the option to get their nails done with the Nails by Colvon nail-truck, and everyone gathered to shop, sip and snack on a rooftop in DTLA.

Third Uprising's Rooftop Party



While the basic tee may be the quintessential LA look that can be dressed up or dressed down for any LA event, minimalism is a long-running trend seen on the runways year after year. From Calvin Klein to Céline, Michael Kors to Jil Sander, basics are the new black.




Third Uprising's Rooftop Party

Companies like Forever 21 and Gap have their own selection of ‘essentials’ either at prices too low to ensure quality, or too high to make you want to buy a lot. And while Third Uprising is the newest brand to continue this minimalistic attitude, their approach to high quality without high price tags is extremely refreshing in such a fast turnaround city of LA. You can keep your fabric standards, without sacrificing your wallet. For both men and women, they’ve reinvented the basic tee, to have moral basics.


With simple designs on their garments, they stand out against other brands with their casual approach to quality. Looking over their simple styles against the breezy backdrop of the downtown LA sunset, you could feel this brand just is Los Angeles. Their timeless pieces are definitely one to keep an eye on….


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