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It’s all about WHAT YOU WEAR in LA LA LAND

It’s the inside that counts, yes….but this is LA and while we appreciate inner beauty at events we can’t help but notice what and who you are wearing. So bring that sexy out and let the inner diva shine at the one and only CIRQUE DE LALA at SOCIETY UNICI this April 29th.

LA is the only place that can celebrate Halloween twice a year and get away with it – and we are LOVING IT…But as the Easter season ends and you are trying to figure out how to dress to impress on Mid-Halloween we have come up with some great DIY ideas to make this easy for you.

Of course any sexy anything is the easiest approach. Wearing lingerie or a tight body hugging body suit with a mask or ears is always the easiest way to go. Add drama with some lashes or a red or nude lip to make it extra special, and as always – wear some sexy heels!

Another easy to do look is Cotton Candy! Yes, you read that right, become the sweetest thing anyone has ever seen by wearing a little white dress and a curly hair wig from a party store or a get fancy by getting yourself an actual full blown water perm and color spray.

Sweet is not your thing? Then unleash the inner biker chick by wearing thigh high boots and busting our the leather (faux is welcome). Add an extra touch with the right accessories and make it edgy with your dramatic smokey eye.

Thank you Britney for bringing out that inner school-girl in us all. Time to get out the mini skirt, button down and some knee high socks. Complete this look with pony tails, glasses and a lollipop.

Can’t decide? No worries – if all else fails, lingerie is always welcomed as is a LBD with a little mask.

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