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One Model Mission Docu-series

“One Model Mission” is exactly that; one model’s mission to find beauty in every country. Model Katy Johnson will begin the One Model Mission Docu-series on May 28th, and plans to travel the globe on a mission to define “beauty” in every country, race, religion, and background and to give women a chance tell their story. She hopes to find a better understanding of the world and the beauty within it, as well as to find a common theme in what women of the world believe true beauty is.

Katy Johnson began modeling over 10 years ago, and has found the struggles of being a model and the ever-changing industry standards of beauty to be perplexing.

“I’m doing One Model Mission to eradicate some of the ridiculous ideas of beauty in this country, to show that there is so much more to offer than just our faces and bodies, and to show how vital it is to love yourself, and believe in yourself, and respect yourself, to work hard, gain as much knowledge as possible, to be tolerant and non-judgmental, to love everyone, and to be humble, modest, and grateful. I hope while traveling the world I find a common theme in these types of traits when asking women what ‘true beauty’ is.”

One Model Mission will follow Katy Johnson to all 196 countries of the world today. It will showcase the harsh truths of what some women endure to be and feel beautiful, respected and even just to be safe. It will feature how women in different societies struggle with inequality, oppression, as well as unrealistic beauty standards and traditions. It is a mission for every woman to come together and say, “You are beautiful, capable, and worthy! I understand you, I value you, let’s change the world together!”

To learn more about One Model Mission, or to donate to her journey, please visit

Lisa Pallay

Travel and Lifestyle Consultant, Managing Editor for The LA Fashion Magazine

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