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Paris FW – Lutz Huelle Fall Winter 2017/18

Taking ideas from the Spring/Summer Collection and pushing them into different directions – simplifying, amplifying or simply re-cutting them in new materials – keeping a reassuring base of the designer’s favourite things while also moving them forward !

The folded shoulder is folded even higher, adding a spikey futuristic feel to trench coats and jackets. Springs’ poufy sleeves are even more poufy, while the actual shoulderline is cut, even smaller, widening and narrowing the shoulder at the same time.

The back of a trench is cut in a single loose length of fabric, turning it into a cape,
the idea of capes is repeated by cutting slits into the overlong sleeves of dresses and jackets. Tailoring in wool, Bomber jackets and Denim are combined with wadded nylon, turning them into superlight outerwear pieces.

A silver jacquard is mimicked by printing squares of silver onto Denim jackets and Popeline shirts. This, in the end, became the central idea of this collection, a sort and easy, slightly twisted idea of luxury and sophistication.

Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_01Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_02Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_03Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_04Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_05Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_06Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_07Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_08Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_09Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_10Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_11Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_12Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_13Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_14Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_15Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_16Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_17Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_18Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_19Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_20Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_21Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_22Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_23Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_24Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_25Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_26Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_27Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_28Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_29Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_30Lutz Huelle_FW17_look_31

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