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Kylie x Kendall Add Sunglasses To Their Fashion Line

As if we didn’t see the K-jenner clan enough; reality shows, headlines, music videos, billboard, to runways, the duo is at it again with what may appear to be another spring favorite. We were all fully tuned in when the two sisters launched their collaborative clothing line, KYLIE + KENDAL. Having the collection feature sexy body-hugging minis in a verity of colors, jumpsuits, and two piece sets, it made for the perfect fit into fashion trends. And through Instagram reality world fame, it was no surprise to see WWD report that the collection is to “bring shoppers one step closer to emulating Kendall and Kylie’s personal styles.” So not only do we see them all over, we will now see mini-me running around too.


BUT WAIT… As if that was not enough for you, the sisters are now adding a sunglass collection to their rapidly growing empire. And though we may be tempted to quickly jump into negative nancy-ville, seeing that the sunnies range in price from $145 to $220 we may consider this a bonus. The capsule offers 14 sunglasses to choose from, with styles created based on their individual personalities. They offer the classic aviators with pink lenses and retro inspired cat-eye styles such as styles that would be worn by the likes of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.
As you see, these ladies make moves so fast that we can’t seem to “keep up with the Kardashians,” these day’s (pun intended).
The Joneses’ who?…

Peter Curti

Brand Manager

Peter Curti focuses his time helping luxury companies and professionals with their brand development, image, and overall goals. Peter James Curti is a New York based photographer and fashion guru with several ongoing entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative projects driving measurable results at companies such as, E! Entertainment, Vh1 Network, BuzzFeed, and Teen Vogue.

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