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LAFM Gets The Inside Scoop on Model Survival During FASHION WEEK

From the outside looking in, Fashion Week is all about glitz, glamour and parties – but is it really? LAFM partnered last season with FNL and got a little inside scoop of what it means to be a model in todays age – and let us tell you, it’s hard work!

We asked ourselves, “How can these leggy beauties stay at the top of their game during the countless hours of Fashion Week?” – well, they answered…

ANNA ASIA is on time management and rest –

“I work in LA one day, then fly to NY to go on set straight from the airport. I don’t mind to work, but if I can schedule rest in-between it’s the best”

Story Anna copy

CARA DELEVINGE’s swears by the hair –

“Use organic oils as well as Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner as they are rich in ultra-repairing argon oil.”

story cara

CHRISTINA GALIOTO is all about work –

“Save the after parties until after your final show! Instead, drink tons of water and give yourself more sleep time than typically needed. Aside from those obvious tips, don’t go anywhere without a phone charger, lip balm, and business cards!”

story Christina

DARIA WERBOXY’s talk jet lag –

“The secret is to eat light so that your body can re-adjust more easily.”

story daria

IMAAN HAMMAM says it’s about not looking like you feel –

“Drink lots and lots of water and schedule a full-body scrub each week to eliminate any toxins which could harm your complexion.”

story imaam

KARLIE KLOSS’ focuses on keeping in shape –

“I workout four to five times a week. I’ve been doing classical ballet since I was a little girl – I also love doing lots of Pilates and muscle-toning classes, because I find the techniques are very similar.”

story Karlie

NET CHITTANGKURA mentioned staying consistent –

“At times I realize winter hits and you begin to let go for the holidays. Before you notice you have less than 10 days to get your body back. I joke with friends saying I eat 1 apple a day now, but in reality I’m hitting the gym and just eating healthy. I avoid processed food, meat and dairy and ensure to eat fruits, vegetable and drink lots of water.”

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