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Meddy Teddy

MUST HAVE! Give your dearest the gift of calm and focus with Meddy Teddy. Get your kids to chill out, literally!…


The informative bear is here to teach children in a fun way the art of yoga, for peace of mind, mindfulness, and sigh-lent meditation.

“It started out as an idea that popped into my older brother’s head while he was meditating in a cave in India, true story. I hope he ends up being able to help all those seeking help in their yoga and meditation practice, that’s what he’s here for!”

– Mike Jordan


The bear is remarkably 100% yogable, being able to bend into lots of different yoga poses. Meddy Teddy is not only the most adorable teddy bear but he’s dominating the yoga industry. Recently the bear made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Christmas List in the Goop Gift Guide. He was even seen here with Demi Moore and her daughter.


Yogi is becoming a celebrity entirely on his own and was spotted hanging out with nonother than Katheryn Winnick the other day! This is one lucky bear, It must be from all that peaceful yoga. (Image via @katherynwinnick).

Recently we sat down to catch up with Mike Jordan, founder of Meddy Teddy.

What are your feelings on the popularity of Meddy Teddy?

“Dream come true. He has an important message to get out there so I feel the time was right and people were ready for it.”


Is there anything exciting we can expect from your company in the near future?

“We are going to FounderMade February 3rd to pitch Meddy Teddy in NYC to a whole bunch of really smart business people, what could happen after that could be very exciting for Meddy’s future.”


Why is yoga so important for children to learn?

“Learning yoga as a kid is something you can have with you for the rest of your life. It’s a way to get comfortable in your body and slow the mind down. Kids yoga teachers, moms, dads, and educators who are able to give this gift to kids are truly on the leading edge of teaching.”


Peter Curti

Brand Manager

Peter Curti focuses his time helping luxury companies and professionals with their brand development, image, and overall goals. Peter James Curti is a New York based photographer and fashion guru with several ongoing entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative projects driving measurable results at companies such as, E! Entertainment, Vh1 Network, BuzzFeed, and Teen Vogue.

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